Tuesday, October 29, 2013

....Oh, it's such a perfect day

What a beautiful day for a bike ride. After a fairly productive morning of sewing in my office, Matt came home from work, and after making lunch, he insisted that I break for a few hours to go on a bike ride with him to Memorial Park in Riverside. We live just a few miles down the road, and made the whole trip about 10 miles around town. 

Living in Florida, while it has it's downfalls at times, is worth it 100 times over, on a day like this. We rode the five miles to the park, and laid in the grass together, taking in the sunshine, and eventually had to move to shade, because it was too hot in the sun! Agh!
We laughed and chatted about random stuff, getting covered in burrs and admiring the mass amounts of Spanish moss above us in the trees. The squirrels that kept stalking us, thinking we'd toss them a nut or two. It was so lovely. 

A few things could have made it even better, and we'll plan for our next bike ride. A backpack packed with or containing a handful of the following: a sheet, two sandwiches, lemon water with fresh mint, a bottle of chilled white wine, bread and cheese, a tripod and camera to take cheesy lovey dovey photos, and Zeus (if Zeus could be squeezed into a backpack and then taken out at our destination hehe).

 My favorite part of Memorial Park, is it's location right along the St. John's River. Our home, a few miles west of the park, is also on the river, and we basically follow it all the way down to Riverside.

BTW, my current hair style, my Buddy Holly coif and flattop, is perfect for windy bike rides and I'm so excited about it, you don't even know! Some days, I channel Elvis, some Buddy, depends on the mood. It's pretty awesome to say the least!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you are all enjoying this little heat wave after last week's chilling temps! Chicago was beyond cold, and I'm happy to be back in the south, back to work and sewing like a crazy woman, per usual.

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