Friday, November 1, 2013

Coming soon: American Tourister Collection

Coming soon: a collection of vegan, eco-friendly handbags, made from recycled materials, recovered hardware, salvaged zippers, and a vintage American Tourister suitbag. A collection of 16 handbags. Are you excited? I know I am!

The hangbag, above, was made from curtains, a vintage zipper, scraps, and the belt from the inside of the American Tourister bag. I've managed to use almost every piece of vinyl from the bag, and all kinds of vintage scraps and textiles. Agh, I've so excited for this collection. I have a handful to finish, along with straps for a few. 

Must. Keep. Sewing. I've drank almost a pot of coffee, and I had an apple drizzled with honey for breakfast. Coffee+sugar high, yeah!! While sewing, I'm listening/rewatching the TV show Lost. Second season just started about twenty minutes ago, and they're entering the hatch. I love rewatching old TV shows I've seen a million times while working. Then I just listen, and I don't have to take my eyes off my work. 

So I know I've been neglecting my blogging duties this week, but for good reason, and you all shall see soon enough! This collection is going to be so amazing! Have a great Friday, everyone! 

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