Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The American Tourister Collection and it's debut at VegFest!

Here it is. And I'm so proud to share it with you. The American Tourister Collection from Sally Ann. I made a 50 piece collection of accessories from all kinds of recycled materials. Primarily made with and inspired by an American Tourister piece of luggage, the purses and other accessories mimick the look of brown earthtoned leather, and combine functionality with versitility. 

As a part of this vegan art and food festival, VegFest required that all things sold be "vegan" and animal free. This rule was a great challenge and push for me to create a cohesive collection for fall and winter. Where I'd normally use a pair of leather pants or a suede dress, cut it up, and make a bag with a sturdy bottom, I replaced that leather for this faux leather. As a result of this collection, I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with the vegan stance with my brand. I'll use leather here and there, but I love working with vintage luggage, and challenging myself to really use every last piece. 

Selling close to half of the collection on Saturday, above are some happy customers, posing with their purchase. I'm still in the process of posting them on Etsy, so be patient. I'm also making a handful 'add-on' handbags that were *this close* to completion for Saturday's festival, but a girl's gotta sleep, right?

My new hog friend, Kevin Bacon. This little piglet is only three months, and we first met when he was about 4 weeks old. He's the sweetest little piglet, and he always stops by my booth with his 'parents'. I recently switched to a mainly meat-free diet (still can't kick fish completely) and also cutting out all dairy, and it's wonderful to see this little guy and know that I will never (knock on wood, willpower) eat pork again. Seeing his little face makes all the difference. 

That was the best part about this festival, talking to all kinds of people about the vegan lifestyle and what it entails, seeing 100% vegan products, eating amazing food, and of course, getting to tell people how I made a collection just for them, on this day!

Along with purses, I made 15 small pouches, and 15 sunglasses cases, all from the smaller scraps of "pleather" from the suit bag. I think I have a few pieces left the size of a quarter, that's it! I am proud to say that I utilized every last piece, and wasted very, very little with this collection. 

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day at Riverside Park. My friend Michelle, looking sassy on the far right, helped out all day, and we had such a fun time. Matt and my sister, Rachael, were also there for a while. Such a great day. I wish this festival was every weekend!

Purse and a matching skirt. 

Now time to set up my photo studio for photo time! We turned out guest room into a photo room, since we have much fewer guests than we anticipated, when we decided upon a three bedroom house. It will allow me to have better, clearer, crisper photos for my online shop, and hopefully more tutorials as well. I am staying away from showing y'all how messy my work room is at present, and should spend a few days cleaning, but no time, NO TIME! Must sew, and soon! Hope everyone is having a great week! 

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