Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Belted Stool

Want to quickly reinvent some chair bottoms or stool tops? Round up a bunch of old leather belts and let's get started. It's so easy. We started with a dining room chair when we first moved into our new home, and have yet to finish our set of four, and we couldn't resist revamping this cute little stool I fould for $1!

You will need:
  • about 10 belts for a similar size stool
  • a corded drill with a phillips head bit
  • wood screws
  • tough scissors or a utility knife
  • a second person (preferably) to help stretch the belts and assist
This part was so fun. Ripping the bottom to shreds. The frame of the stool MUST be wood. You will use wood screws to drill through the belts into the frame. The screws are simply hid on the underside of the stool.

 Starting at one side, attach a belt. Because this stool was so small, we could use each belt for two strips of belt. We created a pattern, from the outside in. Space out the belts just right, so the width of the belts leave little or no gaps showing the frame. You can predrill to prevent the wood from splitting. We used 1" screws. Also, if you want to space them out more, you can stain or paint the frame, with the gaps in the belts showing a pop of color.

Now the more difficult part. Weave the cross-wise belts through the belts attached in step two. You will have to leave a small gap between each belt. 

Like step two, plan your belts before attaching too many, so that they are the right size. Attach remaining belts, and voila. Done!

Talk about a dramatic and quick transformation! I can't wait to experiment with different color combinations in the future on different chairs!

Questions? Comments! 

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