Friday, December 13, 2013

Giving back during the holidays

This holiday season, while we are all getting wrapped up in buying things for friends and family, planning dinners and travel arrangements, and making lists of what we want for Christmas, why not take a step back and think, "what can I do to help someone this Christmas?" What skills and means do you have to help out someone?

I'm trying to do just that, using my skills for good, in collection sewing machines that aren't being used from friends and local people, service them, clean them up, and act as middle man, getting the machine to someone in need of one. Someone who is going through therapy where sewing helps motivate them and build back up their self worth, make their Christmas when their family can't afford to buy them a machine, and so on. In essence, I'm serving as the middle man, collecting funds, servicing machines that need attention, to get them ready to be used, etc. 

Back when I used to have 8 machines, I surprised a young reader who didn't have a functioning machine, and mailed her one of mine. She was over the moon grateful, and it made me so happy and warm inside, knowing that I unselfishly helped out another person. After purchasing a machine on Craigslist recently, I got to thinking. I then placed an ad on Craigslist for those wanting to get rid of a machine for a good cause, I could help that machine find a new home. 

Within a few days, I was contacted by the local women's center here in Jacksonville, and found a person in need. Without divulging details, this gorgeous barely used machine, pictured, was sent to me from a friend that didn't need it anymore, and I will hand it over next week. When I opened the box this morning, my heart swelled and I teared up a bit, overwhelmed by the generosity I've seen since starting this little cause.

Working with the local women's center, and by placing local classified ads, I'm going to continue to do my best to help out whomever I can. So, if you have a machine you'd like to donate, please email me at and we can work out the details. Want to donate cash to help pay to service old machines that are donated and in disrepair?, email me. If you are in need of a machine, email me. 

Happy holidays, friends

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