Monday, December 9, 2013

The Navy Cami Collection

Debuting this past Saturday at Riverside Arts Market, my new mini-collection is here. And now it is available for purchase in my Etsy shop. This new line of purses I finished from just one pair of my sister's Navy uniform. A 12-piece collection of pouches, wristlets, and small, medium and large handbags. With $5 of every purchase going to the Wounded Warrior Project, it's even philanthropic!

About Petty Officer Rachael Keiser: 
Petty Officer Second Class Rachael Keiser served in the United States Navy for seven years from 2006-2013 as a CTT2, working in electronics intelligence Rachael served on two deployments to the gulf on the USS Enterprise and the USS Iwo Jima, aiding in Operation Enduring Freedom, and one Caribbean Surge, on the USS WASP. She finished her years in the Navy as an intelligence instructor at Correy Station in Pensacola, Florida. CID Unit at Correy Station named her Junior Sailor of the Year. Rachael is currently a student at the University of North Florida, studying business administration, while serving in the reserves.
My favorite part of this project and collection, HANDS DOWN, is connecting the customer to the veteran whose uniforms they belonged to, and also helping out a good cause. It's no secret that the veteran is my sister, but I think that is beside the point. It was just a matter of convenience to get my hands on her uniform since she now lives in Jacksonville after getting out of the Navy. I want to play with some green Marine camis and pair it with my burgundy faux leather. The wheels are turning! Check out some highlighted pieces below from the collection:

One of just two large bags, this one above, is my favorite. It has the front and back pockets from the right side of the pants, with the back right butt pocket having her name on them. Everyone has to have their name on their uniform, and on the navy pants, it's above the butt pocket.

One of two medium bags. The other medium bag features exterior pocket details from the left side of the pants, like the "KEISER" bag above.

One of two wristlets, with the hand strap detaching to make it just a nice simple pouch. The strap made from excess zipper.

I hope you are all enjoying your Mondays! I am working like a maniac on work, gardening, home decor, and with Matt doing video shoots. Have a great day, friends!

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