Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tunes - Ponderosa - Black Hill Smoke

If you haven't heard this band, Ponderosa, you need to know them. Listen, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. You will be in love. They are out of Atlanta, a southern folkish band, like Fleet Foxes' southern brother. They came to Augusta for the second time last weekend, and once again, we were blown away by their performance. Hands down, they are the best new band I've seen or heard in a long time.

Ponderosa's new album, Pool Party, was just recently released. Matt and I had the pleasure of listening to it on vinyl, purchased at their Sky City show a few weeks ago. Ah that sweet crackle when we give it a listen. I've been enjoying that, along with their first album, and singer Kalen Nash's solo album. All are marvelous and worth a listen. Check out the above live video for a taste of the band.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

"What is a week end?" Maggie Porter asks in Downton Abbey. I'm beginning to ask myself the same question but from a different perspective? What is a day off? What is a week end day? Because lately, it's been work, work, work. Every Saturday and Sunday for the last month, has been 100% working on Shelby and work. Rainy blah days and hard work. Hair in a messy bun, work jeans, and my favorite Michigan State sweatshirt to stay warm. This is not the weekends I have in mind. 

When can I just sit back and enjoy a day off? Winter weekends are supposed to be spent cuddled up under a blanket, crocheting something pretty, with a hot chocolate or hot toddy on a nearby coaster.  Winter weekend nights spent under a blanket with your sweetheart eating popcorn and watching a good movie. Where did those weekends go this year? 

Thankfully, this weekend was a change from our recent norm; our Saturday night was filled with excitement, after we finally called it a day working on Shelby, and our friends came over for dinner. We were celebrating my best friend's birthday with fajitas (or tacos to the kids) and good company. Sarah and her fiancé, Danny, came with her two children. The cats have taken years to warm up to the kids, but I think Clem finally is indifferent. Not mad or excited. Just okay with it.

It was the first time in a while we didn't have anything on the agenda for a Saturday night. I didn't even wear makeup. It was the most relaxing, good night with friends. And oh my the fajitas were so yummy!

Pre-spring showers are here in Georgia, a little early this year, as they usually wait until March. *Fingers crossed* that means spring is coming early. The rain has been incessant for the last week, sans yesterday, when we finally got to sit in the sunshine. Zeus was so happy to finally enjoy the outdoors without all the mud he'd seen all week. 

We packed up the dog and drove to Matt's parents house, where we sat by the pool, sipped fresh squeezed salty dogs, and ate fiji apples with brie. That's the Sunday and weekend I miss. Enjoying myself. Kicking back and just enjoying the day. Please spring, hurry up and get here. I miss my 70 degree days!

"Hey mama. Watch me. Don't watch the Oscrawrs." And the best way to end my evening. The Oscars, Walking Dead, then back to the Oscars, where I feel asleep with a cat on my chest before the show even ended. I slept like a baby, and it was divine. 

Now back to a busy work week. I started my Monday morning, day one with a new routine. Yoga in my living room. I plan to alternate a cardio DVD and yoga DVD on weekdays. Yoga on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Saturday since weekend mornings  are gym time with Matt.

Hope y'all had a great weekend, without too much fuss from all this nasty weather. I'm going to try and get through this week. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New 'do

Did I tell you all how I recently became a blonde? I realized the other day that most of my recent pictures on this blog have caught me with a bun on top of my head, as I haven't posted anything other than Shelby updates lately. My apologies. A few weeks ago, I went to a new hairdresser for a much needed trim and to start the slow process of turning my dark locks to blonde.

The last time I was blonde, it ended badly. Well, kind of. My hair was fried, and there was no dimension to my hair, it was just all one color. My dark roots showed within a few days and I hated it. I was also 20 and had absolutely no self control. I shaved my head a week later, completely shaved it! I did it the day after Thanksgiving as a matter of fact, to save my family from freaking out at the new 'do. I was in college so they wouldn't see it until I went home for Christmas. Of course they all hated it, but I loved the freedom of no hair. 

Slowly, it grew back, and I promised myself if I ever went blonde again, I would slowly and gradually  change my color. Do it the right way. My new stylist started with an ombre dye job, with the first four inches of growth remaining slightly red, and my chocolate roots.

The second time I went back, last week or so, she foiled the hell out of it, making it more honey in color. And while I can't wait to go back and go the next step, she's a responsible colorist, and is making me wait so my hair remains healthy.  Next time, full on blonde! I want ash blonde locks and minimal brown. I still have a handful of my natural color underneath, at the base of my skull, and it's fun to see the brown when I wear a bun, but I want it g-o-n-e, gone! Eep, I can't wait to go back to the salon!

And it's so odd how colors look different with my lighter color. I love love love wearing brown. But before, this outfit would have been brown overload. Brown hair, brown leggings, brown boots. Now, it makes me hair "pop" and appear so much lighter.

Isn't it strange how your hair color can dictate your outfit choices? This spring will be interesting...

The best part about a new hair color, is the surprise I see on people's face that don't recognize me. I'll pass friends on the street and they don't even realize it's me! It makes me giggle. Then I get the "oh I love it so much better than the dark," and I sneer on the inside a bit, because that's just not nice, my natural color is awesome. I can't wait for freckles and sun kissed skin this spring with my new hair color. It's like I'm a completely different person!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway

Hello friends! Want to win a free pair of fashionable frames! Firmoo is offering one lucky reader a pair of fashionable frames*, and six readers a $30 voucher that can be used on their designer frames, perscription or sunglasses, or better yet, perscription sunglasses! They have some really awesome glasses on their site. Check it out!

The virtual "try on view" of the glasses is super fun. I can't decide which pair I like best. I'm dying for a pair of tortoise shell glasses, or maybe the white pair. I can't wait to buy a pair of glasses from Firmoo once I decide on a funky new pair. What do you think?

Rules for Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me which glasses you'd love to have from Firmoo. This entry is mandatory. Don't forget to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you're a winner.

Additional entries (leave a comment for each additional entry please): 

2. Like Firmoo on Facebook
3. Tweet about this giveaway. "Hey friends! @sally_ann is giving away glasses from @firmoo on her blog: http://www.sallyannk.com/2013/02/firmoo-giveaway.html"
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*One pair is up for grabs if there are 30+ entrants. If under 30 entrants, just the vouchers are up for grabs. So tell your friends. This giveaway is open until February 25th. Winners will be contacted via email, so be sure you left it in a comment. Vouchers will be sent to winners on the 25th and must be redeemed by February 28th.

We did it!

We did it! Thank you thank you thank you! A huge thanks and giant hug to all that pledged to donate to our little project and cause. You all have no idea how amazing it feels to know that I have the support from my readers, customers, and friends. I can't express my gratitude.

Shelby sure has come a long way from the day we pulled into Augusta with her behind Matt's Jeep. Months of hard work are finally coming to fruition as the end is in sight. And you all have helped up be able to afford a high tech, fabulous mobile boutique for Sally Ann. I'll be assembling the solar panels later this afternoon and configuring her brackets to attach them this weekend.

Also, coming soon, we'll be making a wood door, since the original door was rotten, rusted, and had to go. Check into the Kickstarter page later this afternoon for an exclusive video update, and also my newsletter video will be going out this afternoon. It's in video form. So click the link and sign up.

Many thanks from Matt and I! Love you guys!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shelby update!

It's down to the wire. The last 24 hours of our Kickstarter project, raising funds for Shelby. We are so close to our $1,000 goal. She is really coming along well. The list of to-dos is dwindling down and getting smaller and smaller. It's so exciting! Eeep!

This weekend we encountered some setbacks with bad, cold weather, rainy and in the 40s. That's hell for us in Georgia. It made me laugh that I managed to wear a baseball cap in public, but ya gotta go what you can to avoid the rain. We finished the front wall, and it is GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, we have yet to finish the electrical. I'm dreading attaching the solar panels and wiring all the outlets and what not. Especially since it all has to be done before we can finish all the walls and ceiling.

While not working on Shelby, I've been sewing like crazy at home, and planning ahead. Spring is going to be here before we know it! That means new lingerie, new clothing, new handbags, and the best part, warm weather. New seasons are so exciting. They always push my creative buttons and make me inspired to sew outside of my norm, helping me produce new, fresh pieces. 

And I can't wait to have a ton of new merchandise for my mobile shop. I'll be taking reservations for lingerie parties, ladies nights in parties, wedding showers, etc., within so many miles of where I live.  Email me if you live in the area and are interested in hosting a party. What I'm really looking forward to, is taking her on the road! 

I'm also planning the grand opening party. Finding a caterer, setting up the guest list, inviting all the Kickstarter supporters and local readers, supporters, customers, friends. It's going to be great. I can't wait to hang up my entire inventory in Shelby; I'm even getting special boutique hangers to match the feeling of the interior. Y'all are going to be blown away with the great reveal.

We're almost 90% sure of her paint color. It's a little secret until the big reveal. What color do you think we should paint her?

All photos courtesy of Sharon Wilson of Augusta Boudoir.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving love

Ok, now are you ready for some cheesey love talk? Since it's Valentine's, I'm allowed. Ok. Go. So, Valentine's Day has always had very little significance in my life until recently. First, because it's so close to my birthday, which is February 12th, and second, I've never had anyone in my life to really enjoy it with. It's not like Matt is not my first boyfriend or anything, but the first one worth celebrating this holiday with, I guess you could say. Awww, cheesiness is going to increase, keep reading.

We met in October 2010. And honestly, we met in a bar. I was working at a place called Playground Bar, where I worked part-time, while I sewed from home all week, and also worked as a bridal seamstress. It was a Friday night, and I'd seen Matt before. It was always the normal exchange, "PBR, please." and "Here ya go." One night in particular, he came in, and for some reason, I was inclined to flirtatiously say, "PRB, riiiight?" with a twinkle in my eye, something I never do while bartending. He surprisingly said, "Uh.. yes..." and the night went on from there. I was swamped with work and we chatted between me serving drinks. Immediately there was a connection.

We texted and chatted back and forth for a bit, saw each other here and there. It was funny that I had no idea he was a quite notorious radio DJ in Augusta, since his real name was on his credit card at the bar, and I never really listened to the local music stations here. I'm a total NPR nerd. I listened to him on-air, and girls I knew were jealous I was talking to "Matt Stone". The whole thing made me giggle. To me, it didn't matter, he was a person just like the rest of us. It was funny to hear him on the radio and all his silly guy humor. He was sure to tell me he's not like the guy I'd hear on the radio, and that was mostly a comedy bit, as he's now an aspiring writer/comedian. 

A week later, we met up for a dinner date at a pizza place. It was super sweet, cordial conversation, lots of laughing, and getting to know one another. I was infatuated, and he says he knew I was a keeper that night because I had three Guinness's with dinner. I love my Guinness. After a few weeks of dating, he became "my boyfriend".

Like any relationship, we've had ups and downs, mostly ups. For the first year or so, Matt and Zeus lived a block away from me and the girls. Wasn't that convenient when I found him an apartment sooo close to my place. I totally did that on purpose. Eventually, I started being his dog nanny, watching Zeus all day while Matt was at work, and I work from home, so it was perfect for Zeus. We moved in together after a little over a year of dating. It wasn't much of an adjustment since we'd been so close and spent so much time together.

Now we're one big happy family of Sally, Matt, Zeus, Clementine, and Stella. He's my best friend, and I couldn't ask for a kinder, loving person to spend my life with. Awww... he's going to make fun of me so much for this post, and call me gay. But I don't care because I love him and he's my favorite person.

While we are very different at our cores, he's a rock radio guy, and I'm a wild quirky designer, we couldn't fit any better. He loves Kings of Leon and comedies, while I love Bjork, and my favorite movie is Old Boy. Our tastes clashing has been one of the best things in our relationship. One our first home dates, we'd take turns picking music to listen to, song by song, and he'd make fun of my "kill yourself" music, and his rock music made me laugh.

Respect and love has brought us both to embrace new things, try the unknown, and just love being together. The best part about our relationship is being a team in everything we do. He's my partner in my business; we're each others shoulder, workout buddy, roommate, partners-in-crime, all of that. He's my best friend. Love you, Matt! Happy Valentine's Day.

Cheesiness ends here. Haha I hope you all enjoyed a little Matt & Sally story. And also, I hope you are all enjoying this day of love, with whatever loves you have in your life, whether friends, family, or that special someone. Have a great day!

Photos from top:
1/ July 2012 on Lake Michigan
2/ April 2012 at my fashion show at Sky City
3/ May in Wilmington, NC on a beach weekend
4/ Kings of Leon concert, July 2011
5/ Augusta National, at the Masters, April 2012
6/ Riding our bikes, May 2012
7/ New Years, 2011
8/ Michigan, July 2012

BTW: Take 30% off everything in my shop today with the coupon code: lovesavvy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting old(er)

The most important things in life aren't fame, status, wealth, riches, or material possessions, but those you love and that love you in return. Friends and family. Living in Georgia, I am alone as far as family goes. But I more than make up for it with the great friends in my life. I love my "family" in Georgia.  They are always there for me, and love me so much, and I love them more than anything. 

Yesterday was my birthday. As I approach 30, the birthdays in between seem more insignificant. And I've never really been one to celebrate my birthday. For years, I wouldn't tell anyone my birthday, and it'd come and go, I'd spend the day with family, and friends would say, "isn't your birthday coming up?!" I'd laugh and tell em, "Oh yeah, it was last week." This year all I wanted was a nice quite night, with friends, and cake. 

With my friends here in Georiga, I can't very well get away with that. For the third time since I've known her, my friend Sarah threw me a surprise dinner, planned by her and Matt. Just a few of us met up at Bees Knees, a local tapas restaurant, for wine, food, and cake. Sarah, Katie, Jessica, Danny, Matt and I. A small table of six. Matt didn't tell me anything he/they had planned. We walked into Bees Knees like we were going to get a quick appetizer, and then he brought me to a table, not even greeting the hostess. It hit me, "they did it again!"

And holy cow! The cake! Sarah made me chocolate carrot cake, two layers, with cream cheese pecan frosting. I'm enjoying a slice for lunch as I type this. I told her fiancĂ©, Danny, that he'd better watch out, she may not be available come April when they get married! 

It was the perfect little quiet birthday. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Cheers to many more years and to all of you out there that have love in your life. 

And?! Did you know, I share a birthday with two of the most amazing men in history, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. Happy birthday old guys. They're be 204 years old if still alive. Who do you share a birthday with?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shelby's New Floor

Oh boy, this weekend was amazing. Matt and I installed the beautiful new floor! We put down 1" thick, 5 1/2" wide, antique hard wood floors. We have an awesome friend, that manufactures these floors from old beams from deconstructed factories. The trees were birthed in the 1600 and 1700s, cut down in the 1800s, and cut into giant beams for mills, factories, etc. When these factories, mills close, they are auctioned off, piece by piece, and my friend buys the beams. 

Since this weekend, he was cutting about 40,000 board feet of flooring, he had plenty to lend to our little space that is roughly 10' x 7'. We used all the shorter pieces that are less desirable to his customers. But hey, we can't complain. They turned out so beautiful!

First step, Matt removed the metal trim from the door. The original floor in Shelby is one giant sheet of plywood sitting on the metal frame, covered with a hideous linoleum. It was scuffed and torn, and not pretty after 40 years. We simply used a nail gun and installed the floor on top of the plywood.

Some have asked me why we didn't replace the entire floor. When making decisions while renovating a camper as old as Shelby, you have to ask yourself is it worth it? Does it need to be completely replaced or can it be covered. Is it salvagable? Is it something we can fix or something we can cover and overlook, so to speak. It's not that we're cutting corners, but when working with such old, worn down materials, it's sometimes easier to just fix what you have, and cover it up, rather than replacing something completely. Parts of the plywood were a little soft and slightly rotten, but in corners that will have benches covering it when finished, so it didn't need to be replaced. The side walls were similar. We didn't rip them out because they have very minimal water damage, and we're covering them with wood veneer.

The first piece installed. We cut into it, where the door frame sits, and used a router to cut a smooth rounded edge. From there, we just installed the floor. Tongue and grooves were already cut into the wood, so they fit, piece by piece. We used a butane and battery powered nail gun; man was that thing fun! I love power tools. 

It's funny, as I get older, I look forward to the purchase of more tools, nicer tools, and a nicer tool cabinet. I aspire to be like my dad someday, with a wall in my garage of Craftsman cabinets filled with clean, perfectly organized tools, all in their right place. I try to be as organized and clean as my dad, which is near impossible. He's the one that taught me to respect and clean all my tools at the end of the day, and to put them back from where they came. My late step dad taught me all this as well. I can hear Dad now, "Go to the third cabinet, second drawer down, left side, next to the blue pliers, and to the right of the red handled needle nose." Unfortunately, apartment living isn't conducive to being an owner of nice tools. Small tool boxes, shuffling them around, throwing everything in an empty milk crate, working from a card table next to Shelby... I can't wait to be a homeowner, someday in a future.

If you can tell from the above picture, we also removed the nasty old rotten front door this weekend. We've decided to go with a wooden door. Making that soon. And more later this week on all the other things we did to Shelby this past weekend. Many cosmetic fixes that really make a difference. Plus, the lights are installed and just need to be wired. Also, insulation and mounting of solar panels coming soon!

Sweeping the pretty new floor! We'll put down a water based polycrylic when all the walls and ceiling are up. Until then, we'll try to keep the floors as clean as possible. But this hard pine is indestructible and will last longer than Shelby, I'm sure! The more we work on Shelby, the more I can't wait to have her finished and unveil her to the world. We've decided we're going to have a grand opening cookout when she's finished. Fill her with my inventory, set up shop in the backyard, set up the smoker and grill, and have a big BBQ for all our friends and local supporters of this project.

Putting down the last piece! It took us just a few hours to put down the new floor. The tongue and groove cuts made into the wood make it fit so seamlessly. If any of you homeowners out there like what you see, let me know, and I can give you the contact info for Highland Millworks. These floors are the best! He ships anywhere and  can make you anything from oak, walnut, pine, and more.

 !!*(!@%!^#)%!@*&#^!( I can't get over how pretty these turned out. I just want to jump up and down and scream! Picture it now, the entire interior of Shelby will look like this. Wood. The next major step in Shelby's rebuild: walls!

More later this week, friends. Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Solar Panels, hooray!

We took the plunge yesterday and made the biggest purchase yet for Shelby, aside from Shelby, herself: solar panels! Matt and I met up at lunchtime at Harbor Freight, and bought 3 15-Watt solar panels, in a kit, with almost everything we need to get the electrical finished. We also bought jackstands so Shelby is more stable when parked. This is a huge step for us and her renovation and have to thank all the Kickstarter supporters for making this possible. 

Hooray! I'm so beyond excited that we have these! Shelby will be 100% self-sustaining, and eco-friendly. No outside energy source needed for where-ever she goes. This project is so amazing, and I wish I could devote my entire day to working on her outside. Unfortunately, Matt doesn't trust me to use the electric saw by myself, which I am fully capable, but I respect his concern and will refrain from cutting power tools while alone and working. Today she'll get a good scrub down and prep for this weekend's electrical and floor installation. 

Agh, I can't stop smiling. Read more about Shelby and our project here. And check out the Kickstarter page here. We still have a little less than 2 weeks left to raise extra funds to get her ready for the road.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Giveaway

Because Valentine's is such a great day, I've decided to open up another giveaway, after the couples contest I just hosted. This piece is my absolute favorite from my last collection, and I really want someone to love it this V-day... From my winter 2012 collection, this one-of-a-kind piece of lingerie is handmade from a hand-dyed orange slip, scrap lace, and the scraps from a vintage sheer robe. One size fits most. Elastic at waist and top of bodice. Super sexy side slit, and sheer underneath the bust. Brown lace on top hides just enough and shows skin in the right places. Click here for the giveaway on Facebook.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

In a million years, I never thought I would have been looking forward to the Superbowl. Every fall, I dread, while Matt longs for football season to start. I know it's going to mean game after game, in front of a TV, beer, all day Saturday, on a beautiful fall day when I'd rather be doing something else, other than watching another college football game. It's an understatement to say Matt's in love with college football. 

While I was attending Michigan State back in the day, football was never really a big thing. We'd tailgate, socialize, go to the game, but I never really got into the game. Probably had something to do with the talent at my school those years, our team was nothing to really get all that excited about. Matt attending Auburn University, one of the best football programs in college football. 

When we met, he told me he didn't really care about pro football. Thank god. College ends, Pro begins, we're good, no more football. Well... then he started liking pro football.. recently. I swear football feels like it's never going to end! Yesterday was the final game of the season. And all week it was actually something I was looking forward to. 

We started out day like all other Sundays, cleaning day around the house. Reset the house to how it should be after a long week of craziness and messes from the furr-babies. A quick lunch at our favorite "mexican" restaurant in town, and then baked some football goodies. Together, we made my spinach-artichoke dip, my version of touchdown taco dip, and olive stuffed cheese balls. It was funny watching Matt try and mix something with cream cheese that wasn't softened as much as it should have been. We had our usual little bickering and laughing at one another while mixing up dips. 

We were on a tight schedule since Matt had to broadcast live before the game at Carolina Ale House from 3-5. We went and hung out on the patio for a few hours, while Matt was on air every now and again. For those of you that are newer readers, my boyfriend is an on-air personality on our local rock station. He's quite the celebrity around town, hehe. Really though, the perks are nice when people always recognize him and his voice. 

After finishing up at the Ale House, we headed over to our friend's super bowl party, where of course, I forgot to even take out my camera to take pictures of all my yummy fixings and friends at the gathering. My friends Rachael and Sanj were awesome hosts, and I was so pleased when Rachael made my pineapple explosions! The game was fun, we didn't really care for either team. And it was a miracle I didn't fall asleep this year! (The picture above is a fake, posed for IG) Last year I fell asleep with my head on a friend's shoulder during the third quarter when everyone was screaming and cheering. Quite embarrassing, eh? I'll never live to forget that.

The best part of the night? I won the raffle! The football raffle where everyone signs a square. I didn't think it was possible based on my squares, but the two points from the safety in the last two minutes was a miracle. I went home $40 richer, woo hoo!

Happy Monday, friends. Today I'm working on a video update for my Kickstarter page, and I have a few other things up my sleeve. You'll see soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Maximizing Productivity

Whew. What a week it's been. I've been slacking a wee bit on blogging, as I've been going nuts in every other social media outlet, and sewing like a crazy person. Today concluded a cutest couple contest on my blog, where 22 couples competed for a set of lingerie for Valentine's Day. (Congrats to Sara Campbell!) I also listed a million, well, 12, new pieces in my Etsy shop. I've also sewn a million, actually about 20, new pieces of lingerie this week. Needless to say, I've been quite a grump.

I've been pushing myself to work and find my maximum potential. My current goal is to find a control of how many things I can produce per week. Calculate costs, maximize profits, and go all the way. No more funny business or messing around with side endeavors. Business is about to get really serious this year. Streamlining my work and focusing on the important things. I need to know what I'm really capable of creating. I am so frustrated with bartending to supplement my income. While I love it, and I love where I work, it's just been too many years in a bar, and I need a change. Hopefully this will be my last year of bartending. Design needs to be my one and only job.

Stresses aside, this week has been quite enjoyable. I've been in my own little world, working from home all week. I can't really go anywhere since my brake lights are out in my Montero. Waiting on a part and then she'll be as good as new again. Word of advice to you all: don't buy a 1990 Mitubishi Montero if you don't have a backup! While I am so in love with my beautiful SUV, it's been work since the seller was less than truthful of what the car actually needed to be in tip top shape. Soon she'll be in charge of towing Shelby! They match so well, too.

This weekend, Matt and I had plans to install Shelby's 'new' hardwood floor, milled into flooring from giant old beams from sawmills, but our millworks friend is on vacation, so we have to wait until the following weekend. So a week from tomorrow, we'll have extra hands, and *fingers crossed* install the lights, floors, and start on the walls. Maybe this weekend we'll give her a good wash and finish some minor interior work. 

Outfit details: 
Cardigan: Old Navy, swapped. Pashmina: a gift from a friend's trip to Turkey. Originally baby blue, but repeat coffee stains forced me to dye it with a batch of slips. Shirt: Divided by H&M. Thrifted from Goodwill in NYC (that's right, I went to Goodwill while in NYC!). Skirt: Daisy, Inc. Thrifted. Boots: thrifted, and recently changed to red(ish) with dark polish. Originally beige.

Back to the sewing machine for me, friends! I have a goal of 6 pieces today. Time for Sex and The City, a giant cup of coffee, and hopes of motivating myself for another 12 hour workday... well at this point, I think it's going to max out at 10 hours, but still. A long day.

Have a great weekend everyone!