Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Path to a Shaved Head

Are you getting confused when you flip through photos on Sally Ann and wonder which one is me? I'm sure it's difficult to know which one is me, with my ever changing hair recently, so I thought it'd be fun to have a post compiling the changes from the last few months. It all started with the desire to go blonde...

My hair was super long. After years of impulsiveness in college, and the mistake of letting all my friends cut my hair, going to hair school and saying "go nuts", it's an understatement to say I had wild hair. I had the most ridiculous hair, I'd shave half, bleach the other half, cut pixie bangs, shave the backside, and eventually I shaved it all off after going blonde one too many times.

Since I've gotten to my late 20s, I've tamed down a bit. Since moving south to Georgia back in 2009, I had the goal to grow my hair out. I wanted to have long flowing hair (I always think about the Little Mermaid when she's swimming in that cave with all of her hidden treasures). Well, I finally reached that goal; it was so long I'd choke myself in my sleep if it wasn't in a french braid. Then I got the itch to change the color.

I saw a few stylists here and there, started with an ombre, then more highlights. Then I met the dream team at Halo Salon and Spa in downtown Augusta. I told the owner and master cosmetologist, Sarah, that I wanted to be white blonde. She said, "I can make you that blonde, but you have to baby your hair. Treat it like silk." And it felt like silk. So delicate and fragile. Bright blonde hair requires so much special attention, that I was willing to do. After a few months, I was honestly sick of the two hour hair drying and styling, where I couldn't even use a brush until it was completely dry, or the follicle would snap in two.

After another trip to Halo, I was purple and had a bob. It was a great style, but didn't feel like me. My friend, Katie, shaved half of my head, and a few days later, my favorite hair cutter in all the world, Morgan at Stella Salon and Spa, cut me an amazing pompadour. Aside from the white blonde on a good day, the pompadour was my ultimate favorite haircut. The pink/purple (the color depended on the light ha) was still just covering super damaged hair.

A week into the pompadour, I woke up feeling exhausted and stressed about the impending move to Jacksonville, and I got out Matt's beard trimmers. On a Monday morning, I shaved my head alone in my bathroom and couldn't have been happier than if you transplanted my long brown locks back onto my head. I took a shower, rubbed my head, and that was that. Bam. Ready.

There is nothing more refreshing in the hot south during summer months than having no hair! A little over a month later, my hair is growing back. I'm excited to go nuts with some edgy cuts when I get a little more length. Matt keeps pushing me to let it grow haha. He didn't know I was going to shave it, and needless to say, he prefers me with hair.

Did I learn my lesson, you may wonder? Nope. Life's too short, and hair always grows back. Sometimes I miss having hair, when it comes time to dressing up, and I don't feel super feminine. Not having hair just gives me more of a chance to be expressive with my makeup and clothing choices. Plus, I really like the look of no hair sometimes. And I'm sure Matt is happy with me taking almost no time to get ready to go somewhere.

Have any of you ever shaved your head? What's the wildest hair you've ever had?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Shorten Your Boyfriend's Shirt Sleeves

Now that it's summertime, I'm sure many of your shirts are just a little bit too hot for the season. Does your boyfriend complain he doesn't have enough shirts to wear that are short sleeved, but an excess of long sleeved shirts he never wears?! Maybe if the sleeve length were a little different, he'd wear them more. This tutorial is super easy, and makes use of clothing you already have, potentially adding more pieces to your summer rotation. Check it out!

Before and after. Matt came to me, with the request to shorten these sleeves, and I walked him through the steps, so hopefully next time he can jump on my machine and do it himself. I'm definitely putting his skills to the test next time!

1] Mark sleeve to desired length. 2] Cut one inch below mark, to leave enough room for your seam allowance. 3] Take the sleeve you cut off, and line it up with the other sleeve. Cut second sleeve at edge of top sleeve. 4] Head to you machine, make sure you have matching thread, (OR for fun, completely different colored thread) and sew a double folded hem on both sleeves. Press. And you're done!

And doesn't he look so handsome?! I know I will be seeing a lot more of this shirt this summer. Questions? Comments?! Email me at

Hello from Jacksonville


Hope y'all are having a great week! A quick hey and hello in the video up top. Matt and I are going to have a great time bringing you all more videos from Jacksonville. To sign up for exclusive content via email, go to

Also! The video tutorial coming later this week is going to be very useful for these summer months. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shelby Update: Shiny Silver Walls

Sunday, Matt and I spent the day working on Shelby. When I first got outside, my plan was to sand the interior, since it's almost ready for polish and fixtures, instead I got sidetracked, per usual, and started sanding the aluminum on the outside. Our Shasta Compact was originally white with a tan accent, but over the years, the paint oxidizes and has almost completely warn off. Our plan was to paint her completely, and this was initially the "prepping" for paint. 

I've washed her a few times, with a scrub brush and soap. The first time I washed her, I noticed my wrap looked like it was dipped in milk, and then I realized the paint was washing off with a little elbow grease. Slowly, the paint has come off more and more. Since it's so quick to wash off, we knew if we were going to paint her, we'd have to get ALL the paint off, or the new paint job would be in vain.

So I took a sanding sponge to the back right side, and I had the biggest epiphany since we started renovating Shelby. We're going to leave her silver! It was like a mirror when the silver was completely washed free of old paint, scrubbed, and polished with a fine sanding sponge. 

We got a little impatient, and headed to the store for Brillo pads and paint thinner. The Brillo pads ended up being a godsend, taking the paint off and polishing the aluminum at the same time. Good thing I didn't go to the gym Sunday morning, since it was an insane workout for my arms to run, polish, and sand for hours and hours.

It's great that she's silver. It matches the interior fixtures, hangers, clothing racks, and it looks so chic and sharp.  The center stripe will be a simple red, and a few red accents on the exterior, but otherwise, she'll be finished in no time. Last week, I was accepted into the Riverside Artist Market, so Shelby's debut is scheduled for July 6th. We'll present a special video for you all to meet here and feel like you've seen her in person. 

And my reward at the end of our workday, a nice spicy Bloody Mary. Ha Matt's still working in the background, trying to remove the rusty propane tank. We'll need to invest in more tools, and get some kind of bolt cutter, since the screws and nuts holding the tank to the tongue are rusted very badly. We don't want to mess with it too much, since propane tanks are still under pressure. 

This week's Shelby agenda:
  • Sand the interior walls (wood filler was a bad idea and it's a pain in the rear to sand)
  • Finish electrical, wire sconces to outlets
  • Finish wood. We're using an oil rub instead of a stain or polyurethane
  • Attach fixtures and curtain track
  • Sew curtain for changing room
This weekend:
  • Grind away rust on tongue and bumper
  • Paint tongue, bumper, sides, sunroof, and hood vent
  • Finish all odds and ends

Friday, June 21, 2013

Shop update!

Happy Friday, friends! I've been busting my little behind this week to work on a new versitale clutch and handbag in one, and I finally got it. Five new pieces are up in my Etsy shop now. All with detachable straps, that function as clutches AND handbags. Basically, every purse in this new design are made from the most random scraps you can imagine. While I never match, I love mismatching all kinds of the most random patterns and prints, and throwing them all together in one piece. Maybe I can get the masses (i.e. the few people that will wear my work) to mismatch too! One extra special bag is two sided with a TON of pockets. Here's a few of the purses from today's updates.

Find it here. Made from (okay get ready for a long list..) scrap from a blazer, upholstery fabric, vintage shorts, vintage upholstery samples, zipper scraps, quilting cotton, and a vintage dress. The interior is full of all kind of fun details as well, with a pocket made from all the little scraps I found on my worktable after making hair bows with the same fabric. 

Find it here. Made from a thrifted wall hanging of a winter scene, padded quilt fabric, upholstery samples, quilting cotton, corduroy, a vintage cotton skirt remnants, and more. The circular winter cross stitched wall hanging hung in my apartment for a good year, I just loved it so much. When I moved into a different apartment, this was making it's way to the Goodwill pile, when I had an epiphany and ripped it from it's frame, stashing it with my fabrics. I knew a day would come when this would speak to me and become a beautiful bag. And it finally has. Yay.

Meow meow cat lovers. Find this here. The featured kitty on this piece was embroidered by my best friend on a white t-shirt she gave me. I never wore the shirt, but I couldn't get rid of the kitty cat, so I saved a large portion of the front, including the embroidery, since I knew I'd use it someday. The brown of this purse is the scrap from a dress I shortened eons ago, and of course none of those dress or skirt scraps ever see the trash, in fact, many of the floral interiors are those 10" sections that get chopped off the bottom hem of many of the dresses in my closet. 

Now there's a huge story behind this one. Find the listing here. My senior year of high school, my best friend Sara and I had made plans to move in my older sister's apartment the day after graduation. One random day right before graduation, I think it was a Wednesday, we both separately went to our favorite thrift store, and then met up at her house. She told me "I found the most amazing couches at Valueland today!" and I said "OMG SO DID I!" 

There they were, two of the most beautifully ugly couches we'd ever seen, only $20 each. Just my luck, when we went back to get them both, there was only one. We split the cost and decided to share it. Sara and I had the loveseat/couch in our apartment that first summer, and I took it to college. I lugged that ugly thing from dorm to apartment, and at least 5 other residences over the course of my college years and a few years to follow. Finally, when I moved back to the city where I grew up, I parted ways with that ugly thing, but not without saving a piece of a throw pillow. The floral fabric in this purse is that remnant, every last piece. I hope someone loves it as much as I did that ugly beat up loveseat.

Zeus loves to help me take photos. Don't worry guys, all dog hair is removed from purses before shipment, hehe. For real though, I store all my work outside of the house, with minimal animal contact. I can't tell you how many photos today Zeus photobombed because his most favorite thing is to stand between me and the tripod. Thanks, dog. Haha. And then when I want to take a picture with him, he puts his back to the camera. Dopey dumb Zeus. 

I hope you all have the best weekend ever! My schedule is crazy this weekend, work work work.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Behind the scenes with 'Matt Pittman' at Lola's

Wondering what Matt's been up to since we've moved. Well here he is, Matt Pittman with the Florida Times Union, Matt About Jax. I've been discovering Jacksonville with him, as his helper and camera gal. This past weekend, Rachael was in town to tag along with us, where she was able to snap a few shots of us in action. Well, Matt in action, and me documenting it. 

Armed with a Panasonic AVCCAM, headphones, and a cordless mic, I shoot Matt when he's on camera. He's doing four or more videos a week, all about events around the city, and new things to discover. Video is slightly new to me, but I'm catching on quite well. It's tricky in heels hehe. 

When I was in high school and college, I was quite a prominent photographer, the photo editor in high school of newspaper and year book, head sports photographer for our school, and in college I worked at the communication arts building on campus mixing chemicals in the darkrooms for access to enlargers whenever I wanted to print my work. 

Photography took a backseat to design years ago, but photos are still something I like to dabble with, and also something I rarely share with the public. So many photos that I shoot end up hidden in my hard drive, or make it to the wallpaper of my iMac. I suppose there is a bit of an art to blogging and taking photos, but that feels more like work photography to me.

I've really enjoyed working on video with Matt. And if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good. Check out his videos and you'll know if that camera is moving, and not mounted on a tripod, 99% of the time I'll be behind that lens. 

Carlos, the owner of Lola's, with a freshly roasted pig. Yummy (sorry vegetarian/vegan friends, this was too great not to share)! Lola's celebrated 1 year in Riverside, the historic neighborhood west of downtown, and they had a huge party to celebrate. The free tequila shots were a kicker, along with free salsa, $1 Corona cans, and more specials. 

My friend, Sherri, and I went to eat there earlier in the week, so I brought Matt the next day, and then we learned about the party. So three times last week, I ate there. And the food was delicious! The gator tacos and queso dip were my favorites on their menu. Next visit, I hope I can convince Matt to split the two pound burrito with me! We'll see...

Pretty cool that Matt has a job being a tourist in our new city, eh? We're having the best time getting to know this new place with an incentive. Too bad this job isn't available for everyone that moves to a new city. We make our own hours, both of us. Matt and I get to people that are putting on all kinds of events. Our weekend is already booked with so many things we wouldn't otherwise be doing, it makes for an interesting 'work week'. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, getting to work with Matt and have him as my business partner in Sally Ann. We bounce all of our ideas off each other. It's amazing we don't get sick of each other!

Tomorrow is an event called "Silent Surf" where local surf instructors provide a wave-riding experience to children from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. Then tomorrow night, we head downtown for "Downtown Throwdown at the Elbow". 

Have a great day everyone. I'm headed back to my sewing table; I've been working on some amazing new designs with handbags. They'll be listed on Etsy later this week. Matt might steal me and head to the beach later this afternoon, rough day, huh? Have a great day, friends!

Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Ladder Towel Rack

Looking for a fun quirky towel rack for your bathroom that isn't the norm? Head to a thrift shop or used furniture store and find a ladder. For this rack, I found an old bunk bed ladder for only $7! Our new bathroom is so tiny, I wanted something tall and close to the wall. 

And what's the point of buying a towel rack at the store when you can make it for less, and have something original made BY YOU!?

You will need:
  • ladder
  • brackets
  • drill
  • wood screws and/or anchors
  • tape measure
  • level
1] Measure beneath the first step, a few inches in, and mark where each bracket will be attached. 2] Attach first bracket on one side of the ladder. I attached a bracket beneath the first and third steps. 3] Flip over the ladder and attach the other two brackets. 4] Make sure they are installed the same depth so the ladder hangs symetrical and the same distance from the wall at all brackets. 5] Attach to the wall. If you aren't hitting 2x4 with one hole on each bracket, use anchors to prevent towel rack from coming off the wall. Check that it's level! 6] Adorn with towels!

Voila. Piece of cake. Now you'll have a towel rack that no one else has, making your bathroom unique and one of a kind. To make it extra special, try painting the ladder, and sand parts of the paint off for an aged look. 

What kind of DIY do you like to use for decorating your bathroom?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to work

I'm back at it. Sewing and sewing as the day is long. This week, I have one mission: use up ALL of my scrap fabric. For years, I've saved all the small leftover pieces of fabric from all kinds of sewing projects. I carefully sort them by color, print, size, and place them in plastic zipper bags, the kind that a pillowcase comes in when brand new. These little bags are great for scraps, since you can see what's inside. Well the hoarder in me is great at keeping all of these little bags, and I'm pretty sure I have at least 10 bags of scraps.

Using all this leftover fabric, I'm making at least a hundred little hair barrets and bows. A fun way to kick back and sew. Music is on in my sewing room, or Mamma Mia, or some other musical I can pleasantly ignore. I make them in steps. And even the smallest little scraps are used for the center of the bow. It's amazing the kinds of things one can make with a little imagination and planning. I love making twenty or more bows, and then looking into my waste basket of teeny piece of fabric trimmed off, and threads, that is ALL that goes into the trash!

Ursula's current outfit, a dress I made last September for Arts In The Heart. The top is a vintage slip, hand dyed blue. The skirt, a silk blouse with cats. You can see more of the dress here

Zeus' protest while I work. He plants himself on the floor and sleeps all day at my feet. His little buddy, a black stuffed animal dog, his mini-me, goes everywhere he goes. He can thank his Aunt Katie for the baby Zeus. Our last day in Augusta, the mayor deemed "Matt Stone Day" (Matt Stone was Matt's moniker in Augusta). He was a radio personality in Augusta for 7 years, and among other things he contributed to the local comedy scene, Matt was a pretty big deal. Well on our last day there, Katie dressed up like Matt, and it was epic. She wore reflective Ray Bans, Toms shoes, an Auburn hat, a v-neck tee, drew on Matt's arm tattoo, with a stuffed dog by her side, drinking a PBR at Stillwater with us. Basically, she was Matt. 

When we got to Jacksonville, Matt and I gave Zeus baby Zeus, this stuffed animal, and encouraged him to be nice to it. I'll pick it up and cradle it like I do the cats, and say "good baby," to the stuffed animal. We treat it like another animal in the house, and Zeus babies it like it's his job. Every now and again, he'll try ripping it up, and we say "Easy, Zeus, be nice to your buddy!" And then he stops and rests his head on it. This little thing goes everywhere with him. I've been trying to sneak it away from him to sew up a few holes he's accidentally made in him, but every time I take it from Zeus, he needs it back. Silly dog.

Back to talking about sewing... I digress and could spend all day talking about that dog; Zeus is the best. I love sewing little things from scraps, and there are so many ways to use up small pieces that most people would just toss in the trash. 

A great way to be sure to use all the small pieces of fabric: create a plastic bin exclusively for small scarps! Shred them and use for stuffing a throw pillow instead of buying fiberfill, make a quilt, use for small details and embroider an old t-shirt to give it new life, use as the background of a small embroidered wall hanging, make a sunglasses case so you don't scratch your shades, add detail to a hand towel in your kitchen to have a nice added decoration, the possibilities are endless!

As I make a million little bows, I'm daydreaming and m really looking forward to selling my work in this city. Making friends and getting new clients. Making a name for Sally Ann in a new place. Working with Matt on more videos for Sally Ann. Keep an eye out for more big things soon! 

Also, there's a HUGE sale in my Etsy shop right now, 40% off everything for the month of June, to make room for new work! Use the coupon code "JuneSale" at checkout to apply the discount. (Not valid on the daily featured sale item, that is 50% off). 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

At the river with Zeus

Another Monday, another week to plan and work more towards getting settled here in Jacksonville. Today is the first day I've felt almost back to normal in almost a week. I've had the nastiest cold/flu since Thursday night last week. I've spent days and days in bed, watching terrible chick flicks and bad television with Zeus and the girls. There is nothing more frustrating that being sick.

But the best thing to have when you're sick, a giant dog in bed to snuggle with you. Zeus is my sweet sweet boy and he always makes me feel better. Since Thursday, I was the most unproductive being. I made a few lists here and there, cleaned the house, unpacked some more, but as far as actual work goes, the most I accomplished was applying for the local arts market. Cross your fingers they accept me. 

Saturday was a little better. Matt and I went to the beach in the afternoon and I think I spent 4 hours sleeping in the sun. A great place to be when you're sick, I slept on a blanket while Matt enjoyed a few PBRs and soaked up the sun. I was sure to use SPF 60 all over to be able to enjoy my napping. I'm not messing around with this Florida sun and my skin. No premature aging for this face! 

As far as office hunting goes, it's kinda sorta up in the air. Still have to get some kinks worked out and then I'll see what happens. Hopefully, I'll end up with a downtown office that is just perfect. In the meantime, I'm going to set up a make-shift sewing area in our outdoor garage and get some new things made this week. 

Happy Monday friends!

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Porkchop

There are very few people that make such striking first impressions as Leonard 'Porkchop' Zimmerman. I'd been a huge fan of his work around Augusta for years, and I didn't actually meet him until the night before his gallery opening at Gaartdensity. A special friends and family showing, Matt and I were the last ones to arrive before close, and suddenly we were the only ones there. In the gallery was Matt, Leonard, the gallery owner and myself. Leonard walked me through the story of his collection, paintings of robots staring at the stars, and a bird on a robot's shoulder. The collection was the story of the sudden loss of his partner in 2006 to Leonard's path of grieving and living life thereafter. We hadn't known each other 5 minutes, and we both cried together as he told me stories of he and Brian. It was beautiful.
Since that gallery showing, I see Leonard all over downtown, having worked just a few doors down from Wier Stewart, where he works as a graphic designer. An Augusta native and SCAD graduate, you can always spot him in Downtown Augusta, in converse shoes (which may not be the same color shoe on each foot), and he's always chewing on candy or has a dum dum in his mouth. If you can't find Leonard, you're sure to see his Happy stickers around town as well.
A connoisseur of sweets, it's an understatement to say Leonard has a sweet tooth. Mixology has never really been my thing, but of all the years I spent bartending, there is only one drink I can proudly claim to have created: The Porkchop. Sweet and fruity. And perfecly Porkchop. And now that I'm retired from F&B, this will be the only drink that is "by Sally". I'm quite proud of my concoction, and Leonard absolutely loves it!

The Porkchop:

Cut the end off the bottom side of a Twizzler, place in glass. Fill glass with ice.
1 oz. Mandarin Absolut Vodka + 1/2 oz. raspberry Schnapps. Top off with pineapple juice. Bite off that first bit of Twizzler and you have your straw.
Make for your friends and have a Porkchop party! Get adventurous and add other candy garnishes! You can visit his site and see more of his work here.

Photos courtesy of Noah Fecks and Leonard Zimmerman.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My 'new' city

Favorite new thing to do between errands in Jacksonville: drive around and wander aimlessly. Getting to know a new city with no real guide or friend to take you around can make quite the adventure. For years, when discovering new places, whether it be for fun, work, or a place where I've recently moved, wandering around is my preferred way to get to know a neighborhood.

Sometimes not the safest thing to do if one doesn't have a good sense of direction, as you may end up in a bad end of town with just one wrong turn, it's important to remember which way you came from, and have an anchor point, remember landmarks, main roads, etc.

Well, when Matt and I first came to Jacksonville, and he was interviewing for his new job at Florida Times Union, I met up with his new bosses for lunch. I had been wandering around downtown all morning, finding cute new coffee shops and reading newspapers in the park when I got the call to head across town. To get to the restaurant, I took an expressway from downtown and cut down a side street, to get to a little neighborhood called Avondale. On this side street, I saw "Office Space" and a cute little building with a crazy low rent price in a neighborhood called Riverside.

Since we've been planning our Jacksonville life and new start here, I've returned to that building, called on it, and looked at office space. Yesterday morning, on my way to look at these offices, I made a wrong turn, or shall I say, I wasn't looking at my map and just navigating with my memory, and came across this park, Lakeside Park.

This park borders a drawbridge south of downtown where the view of the skyline is breathtaking. It's just a few miles away from my house, but the runners I saw while snapping some pictures are probably having the best day ever, after that run through this beautiful park and neighborhood. I wish I was a runner to be able to discover more of the city on my feet. Maybe someday. Until then, I'll grab my morning tea or coffee and drive or walk to find my new favorite places in Jacksonville.

Again this morning, I'm going back to the same building in Riverside to look at the office that wasn't open yesterday. While I sit and blog remotely from Starbucks, I'm making a route in my head of the new direction I'll take to get there, hoping I'll find some more beautiful places to take Zeus and have picnics with Matt on our lunch breaks. Also, I'm really crossing my fingers my 10 AM appointment this morning yields the cutest little window office that my poor starving artist money can buy.

Pretty soon, I'll be spending my eight hour days in the sweetest little office, my name on a window, and sewing my little heart away. Lunch breaks downtown in the Florida sun. Evenings cooking at home. Agh, can't wait to plan more new things.

I hope y'all are having the best week ever! Because I sure am, and I don't want to hog all the happiness. Have a great day friends. Tutorial coming later this week, promise.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shelby Update

Monday morning already, and it's time to get back to the grind. After a week of settling in and unpacking in Jacksonville, many beach days, and an intense sunburn, it's time to get back to work. Matt started his new job today at the Florida Times Union, and I'm starting to get back into Sally Ann mode. Time to get this show on the road. Gah, so many things to do, and so many lists to make!
I'm currently sitting in a little laundromat, on my iPad, with iPhone nearby playing Ponderosa's new album, and getting some things squared away. First things first, I have to locate a nearby hardware store to look into stain for Shelby's interior. This week, we completed 99% of her interior walls. We finally purchased a jigsaw to finish from pieces that fit around windows. I'm really missing my access to my friends millworks, tablesaw, scroll saw, and all his amazing tools. But hey, the best part about working on Shelby, it's an excuse to buy new tools. Next on our tool shopping list: a little sander, grinder with metal brush to sand down the bumper and tongue, some rubber gaskets to cover the side holes, 2x4s, and wood screws.

Florida is definitely hotter than I expected it to be! And the sun is SO HOT! It's really hard to get things done midday here. When I worked on Shelby, I'd cut some in the morning, take a lunch break at the hottest part of the day, and then come back, with little breaks here and there for water. It is so nice though, to have a garage to set up shop. Before, in Georgia, we'd haul everything over to Trent's shop, or work in our backyard, hauling everything from our apartment to the outside. Because of our neighborhood in downtown Augusta, we never left anything outside, not even for 20 minutes. Now, we live in a cute little family neighborhood that is nice and quiet, right by a river inlet. I need to get it in my head: sunscreen everytime I go outside! Or: sunscreen every morning all over before I get dressed.

Hello from Florida! It's a great day to wear a vintage swimsuit jumper as clothing. Aside from all the Shelby work I need to finish before I do any local art shows, art walks, etc, I need to start calling on some leads for office spaces. Eeeek! How exciting! I'm not working from home anymore. I have my Kenmore in our home office, in case a dress I'm wearing needs mending, or Matt needs alterations, but the majority, 99% of my sewing tools and accessories are staying out of the house. We have a large "pole barn" workshop, seperate from the garage, where I'm sew until the office is up and running.

It's very important, for this new chapter of Sally Ann, to seperate home from work. For the last 5 years, I've worked from home. And it's drove me crazy. I don't know how to relax at home, I'm always thinking about work, and I'm endlessly distracted when I am working. Dog, cats, TV, cleaning, chores, food, and countless other distractions always get the best of me. And then when it's time to relax and call it a day, work is right there, and the need to keep working never goes away.

I look forward to opening an office door, working 8-10 hours, breaking for lunch, meeting Matt at a cute coffee shop to see each other, and then back to work until I call quitting time. Locking that office door and going home to home. Ahhh it's going to be amazing.