Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amelia Island

Oh Florida, I truly love you. I don't mean to boast or brag, but this weather lately has got me really loving life and the plans for our future. Matt and I spent the day yesterday in Amelia Island, a super ritzy island north of Jacksonville. It's wild to think something so different than our everyday life is so close by. A quick 45 minute drive and we're in another world. I swear we were the youngest people on the island, aside from people that work there. It's mostly older wealthy retired people and the community that works to support it all. 

We shot a video for his job (MattAboutJax) in the morning while hang gliding, oh man it was so amazing, and then spent the afternoon exploring the downtown area while coming to some great conclusions about out career that have been lingering in the forefront of our brains for some time now.
Surrounded by retired people enjoying their days with absolutely nothing on their agenda, you'd think we'd be thinking, "hmmm, better start thinking about setting up a retirement." Au contrare. If you think about it, most people work 30+ years to be able to someday, maybe, retire in to nice warm place. 

With money in the bank, kids grown and moved away, and little worries, retirees are able to spend their days how they please, dining in open-air restaurants in February, eating ice cream on the sidewalk, and debating weather or not to go to the beach. Well we decided, why wait? Why work and save and then enjoy ourselves? I don't wait to be 60 and then experience places like Amelia Island. We're going to do it now. A dream not feasible for most, Matt's job would be the vehicle for that. And the potential for a nomadic lifestyle a few years down the road seems an idea too good to be true. But it's a dream we're hoping to make a reality.
Cliche, yes, but life is too short to spend behind a desk. And we will not. I mean, look at this view ^^. Just another Wednesday for us. Check out Matt's videos for a little look at what we've been up to lately, and add it to your bookmarks. With about 3 per week, there's always something new and exciting. When you watch his videos, you can always assume I'm behind the camera, as I'm shooting Matt getting into some shenanigan's and showing off our fair city. Also, I am now writing for another blog, about Jacksonville, called JaxSpeax, where I'll show you what's good in town. Even if you aren't living in the area, check it out. 

Now time to dive into my OneSpark planning. We're getting off the ground with opening *fingers crossed* a drop-in sewing studio in Jacksonville. More soon on our plans. 

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  1. I love your view on life. I don't want to wait for retirement to live my dream either! I need the beach in my life more than just a few days each year. I'm going to start reading you jax blog now... maybe it will end up on my list of possible relocation spots too :D