Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Gift Idea: DIY Silhouette Pillows for Him and Her

Searching for the best homemade Valentine's gift for your love this year? Instead of a box of chocolates, something edible and sweet, a fancy dinner, or something to do, why not consider something tangible that will last until March and longer? Silhouette pillows blew Matt away last year, and he loved them! It's a nice personal touch to add to your home that is easier than you think.

Using felt, a little computer magic, and a little bit of sewing, these throw pillows dress up our bedroom, and claim "my side", and "Matt's side". Felt is super easy to top stitch and sew in place. You could even use a patterned pillow slipcover and sew on top of for added pizazz.

The hardest part about making these pillows is finding a silhouette to use. While mine was easy to find, since I had been on the cover of a local publication, Matt's was a whole other story. I must have looked through every photo I had ever taken of him, and found an outtake when he accidentally turned his head while we were at the river with Zeus.

Throw pillows really make a room, I think. It's one thing that I know I neglect. Generally, I tend to go for the easier route of using slip covers I already have, instead of expressing myself creatively and make some fun things for my living room. I really need to work on sewing for fun instead of just for work and holidays. Coming soon, a novice sewing lesson on how to make a slipcover. 

Also, a little tip from my experience: if you have a black dog, don't make white pillows. Choose your fabric accordingly. He ruins these things, but doesn't mean to of course. Come to think of it, I need to make a Zeus silhouette pillow that is the size of both of these combined, since he's usually taking over! But how can I say no to that face?! 

Don't have a significant other? No shame. Make one of your furry friend, and one of you to personalize your bed and treat yourself for the holiday. 

Too busy to sew? Here is an Etsy shop that has you covered!

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