Monday, March 3, 2014

DIY Bunting Fabric Banner

As the beginning of spring approaches, so does my weekly market. Riverside Arts Market reopened this past weekend, and I wanted something new for Shelby and my booth. I'd been wanting to make these triangle fabric banners for a while, and I didn't even know what they were called. After some typical googling, I found they are "Bunting Banners". I knew they would serve well to draw people in, and make a defined space for my booth. 
They turned out to be a big hit, and my booth was beautiful! Don't you think? I'm so in love with them, I can't believe it took me so long them! It's been in my head for months and months. I made two 15 feet banners with scrap fabric from my sewing room, and with double fold bias tape. Here is a nice and quick tutorial, great for any skill level of sewer.
Materials and tools you will need:
  • a triangle cutout on cardstock or thick paper or the size you desire
  • one yard of fabric or scrap pieces
  • cutting tools
  • double folded bias tape or trim for the rope of the banner
  • matching thread
Cut about 30 triangles, but here a quick trick. Fold your fabric good sides together before cutting. Cuts the work in half and cut two at a time. Sew the two long sides of the triangle. Turn right side out and top stitch along the edges for a crisper finish.
Using two strips of double sided bias tape, place the triangle between them and top stitch from one end to the other. I spaced the triangles out with the gap between them as the same width of the triangles.The first line, sew the top side.
Double back and sew along the bottom edge of the bias tape. And BAM! All done. String them up and hang them wherever your heart desires. 
Aren't they just too cute? I wish I had more excuses to make them and drape them around the house. I'm sensing seasonal bunting banner coming soon in our home! 

What kind of bunting banners would you make? Where would you hang them? 

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  1. What gorgeous bunting! I really love it when I see it on crafting stalls. I made myself a bunting banner which hangs on my wall in my bedroom and has lettering stitched on. They're so cute. :)