Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY: How to sew on a button

All of us have experienced this dilemma. Put on your favorite shirt, or you're wearing it out in public, and BAM, a button falls off. What to do? What to do? You aren't familiar with sewing, and the task seems daunting. Well. Here's the good news, it's not. It's actually super easy, and a great starter lesson for the non-sewers of the world. You will need: thread, a needle, scissors, and the button. That's it! 
Start by threading the needle. Wrap the end of the thread around your index finger twice (I'm left-handed so I wrap it around my left finger, but do whatever is comfortable). Use your thumb and roll off the tip of your index finger, creating a small loops. Pull from the top of the loop towards the end of the thread. This will create a knot. Trim extra thread at the end of the knot, and you're ready to head to your garment. 
Find the original thread holes, from where the button originally sat. From the backside, push your needle through towards the outside of the garment. 
 Place your button through the needle.
Laying the button on the garment. Line it up exactly where it though be, and insert needle into second hole of the button. Look at the other buttons to match up the threading. Ex. This shirt is sewn with the thread vertically through the button holes. So I sewed from the bottom left hole to the top left. Repeat 3-5 times, and move to the other side of the button holes. Right bottom to right top, same as the other side.
When you have sewn through the button holes, it is now time to tie off your thread. Bring your needle to the backside of the garment, through one of the button holes. Grab just a little bit of fabric with the needle sticking out about an inch. Grab the backside of the thread, and wrap around the tip of the needle 2-3 times, securing your index finger on the back of the tip of the needle helps. Pull through and this will knot your thread. Repeat again if desired for a more secure knot. Cut and trim thread. And BAM. Good as NEW!
This shirt is going to be my new spring staple. Red is my favorite, AND bonus: I got it in a recent clothing swap. As soon as I wore it around the house, the second button fell off, an essential button for sure. Hope this tutorial was helpful for you all! I'm aiming to bring you more basic, beginner lessons in the future. What would you like to learn next? Comment below, and let me know!

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  1. One of the best skills is knowing how to do this! now zippers on the other hand...

  2. sending this to my brother stat!