Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Photo shoots with Zeus

Anyone out there that has a gentle giant of a large dog, or a Great Dane in particular like Matt and I do, know what it's like when they are always giving you the look. That pitiful "I'm dying because you're ignoring me" droopy eyed look. And Zeus has it down pat. This is the day in the life of Zeus. When 'mom' is working and he has to just sit around and watch. Rough life, eh?
Photo shoot time means Zeus' fat lip and droopy face come out to complain. My favorite is when he stands between me and the mannequin and thuds down on the ground. I wasn't lucky enough to catch that today, but he sure was a ham for the camera. Enjoy some silly sweet Zeusy pics. He's the best dog in the whole world.
 "Oh geez, another photo shoot where I have to sit and chew on ma's socks. Life is so hard..."
His '100 yard stare'... I think he needs an agent with these poses. What do you think?
 "Ughhmph. That woman made of stone gets all the attention from ma," as I photograph purse after purse on my mannequin, Ursula.
You'd think he was forced to lay on hardwood floors all day from this face, as I literally took him for a car ride when I had no place to go, because it rained all day and he didn't get to play much, as he's drooling on the couch next to me while we watch The Following. He is definitely not miserable like he looks in the photos, that is surely not the case. Sometimes, I take a step back and laugh at how much of a dog person I've become since Zeus and Matt came into my life. And since Matt is out of town, I can guarantee Zeus will sleep under the covers tonight, snuggling like a big ol' mutt. Talk about spoiled. He's the best.

New listings up in the Etsy shop, y'all. Check. It. Out.... 'Night!

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