Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Somber Trip To Valueland

It's been a rough week. Maybe you're wondering where I've been. Well, generally, I'd just post something sewing related and avoid sharing, but I can't not share this with you all. Last week, my grandmother passed away. She was the most amazing woman, not an ill willed bone in her body, super talented and creative, funny, generous, and just so good. 

It's been hard. Probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with, right there with losing my stepfather. And I try to steer clear of super personal issues on my blog like grieving, because for me it's always such a private matter. But today was her funeral. After the luncheon with family, my sister and I came back to Muskegon and had some errands to run. We randomly stopped by our favorite thrift shop, one we've been shopping at since we were kids, and it made me think of my grandmother and it was so appropriate. 

Still dressed from the funeral, we thought about grandma as we picked up some awesome thrifted goods. She was the best thrifter. Ever. A very frugal woman that grew up in the great depression, she knew the value of a dollar, and always found the best deals. Thrifting and garage sale-ing with Grandma were some of my fondest memories of childhood spent with her.

This past Saturday at the market, I had plans to fly out the next day, but I knew I could brave the day and get through it. She'd passed away a few days prior, and the funeral wouldn't be until early this week. I was strong, and held my composure, until I spoke to a few young girls. I always strike up sewing conversations with young girls, asking them about their sewing. One girl said to me, upon my asking if she sews, was, "my grandma taught me how to sew." And I just lost it. I politely smiled and nodded, stepped out of Shelby, and secretly bawled outside the camper. My grandmother taught me how to sew as well, and that simile just killed me. I'm still having a hard time grasping with the reality of her leaving this life, but the only thing I can know for sure, is that she will live on in those that loved her, and I am going to do everything in me to make her proud.

 The worst book cover ever, above. Right?!

Matt was in our thoughts as well, as he didn't make the trip with me. But I did find him the perfect Michigan souvenir, a rocks glass that says "SCOTCH" for half off the white tag ticket price, 40 cents. We're missing him, but at the same time, loving that he's not here to tell me the usual "don't buy junk". Hehe. Really though, I wish he could have made it. 

With grandma still on our mind, Rachael and I had a fun time perusing the goods in Valueland. She would have appreciated our shopping trip, and would have loved to hear about our finds. Rachael found a beautiful scarf, a book on gardening, and a cute mug. I found some new hair ties for my One Spark sewing booth, the glass, above, for Matt, sewing books for the sewing lounge I'll be opening soon, and a scarf with zebras all over it. 

Life is short, friends. Tell your loved ones how you feel, go out of your way to tell them you love them, and don't waste the precious time you have with them. My grandmother, Dorothy, was so amazing, and we're missing her so much right now. 

More soon. ♥
xoxo, Sally

P.S. We're on Jacksonville's NPR 89.9FM WJCT tomorrow, listen at 6:04 and 8:04 am for our segment on our One Spark project. Or click here to listen live.

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  1. So sorry to learn of your grandmother's passing. I think you and your sister did the perfect thing to honor her. As you noted, grieving is a very personal thing and everyone handles it differently.