Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beginner Sewing Tutorial: How To Make A Headband

This one is for the beginners. For all those out there that think sewing is too difficult to attempt. Do it. TRY! It's SO EASY! Go to your machine. Thread it, and grab two things: a piece of ribbon and a hair tie. How do you know how big to cut the ribbon? 22" should work for most adult women. The trick I find to work. Measure your head and add two inches. This will allow for the seam allowance and stretch of the hair tie. 


1. Pick out trim or ribbon and a hair tie. For the average adult head, cut 22" piece of ribbon. If it has a little bit of stretch, take off one inch. Grab a hair tie. Insert one end of trim through the hair tie, bad side of the trim facing up.
2. Fold trim over once.
3. Fold trim over a second time to create a double fold, with the hair tie at the second fold.
4. Place under presser foot at the back side of the folded trim. Turn hand wheel of the machine towards you, inserting needle into the trim. Lower the presser foot lever.
5. Press down on pedal, sewing along the edge of the trim.
6. Back stitch and continue to sew until the front edge of the trim. Backstitch again. Cut thread from headband. (Be sure to leave a few inches of thread from needle of machine so you don’t have to rethread the machine)
7. With trim bad side facing up, insert the other end of the trim through the hair tie.
8. Fold over twice, as in step 3, with the hair tie at the second fold.
9. Repeat steps 4-6 on the other side of the trim.
10. Trim excess thread. Wear with confidence, and when you get a compliment, reply with, "Thanks! I made it!"

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