Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Miracles in my Sewing Room | The Lark Clutch and Behind The Scenes

Yesterday, it was just another work day in my sewing room. I was winding down my work day, about to call it quits, and I was cleaning up. Then one of those fun sewing miracles happened. I move around some fabric, and then it hits me. When you're sewing, cleaning, rearranging scraps, and you don't choose the piece, the piece chooses you. These pieces of scraps of scraps came together and screamed at me from the cutting table "keep sewing, make me!" So I stayed in my workroom a few extra hours to make this beautiful little piece of art.

These three pieces were scraps of scraps, literally. It was like fate for them to all come together. From the blue and grey woven detail of vintage "Lark" luggage, a small scrap brown piece of vinyl from a vintage suit bag, and the front side of a handbag dress that I made and then deconstructed, this clutch is so wonderful and a true upcycle.
By the way, head scarves are my new thing. I think I'm obsessed with wearing them. 
The interior contains one small but wide pocket, also made from scraps, a collection of patchwork from women's scrubs, brown vinyl, bed sheets, a vintage shirt sleeve, and more. 
Such a beauty. I'm proud of this one. I love loving pieces I've made. Having true passion about a piece because I loved making it, not just because I need to make handbags because it's my job. That's when I can count my lucky stars I'm self-employed and an artist. I hope you can feel that joy in your job. Because it's awesome. 

Clutch available here. There's just one. 

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