Friday, May 9, 2014

Wolfgang Clothing Pop Up Stop

We're super excited to open our doors tonight at Wolfgang Clothing. We'll have Shelby outside with all the new cropped tops and things we've made this week. About 40 new tops, and some new small accessories. And let's not forget the awesome inventory we already have. Wolfgangs gets their new shipment in tomorrow as well, so there will be a ton of shopping, live DJ spinning some tunes, and more! What a busy busy week it has been, but we like it that way. Every week is compounded and busier than the last. With no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. 
Wednesday, it was our first Art Walk. I know, it seems like we would've been there already, since we've been in Jacksonville almost a year (can't believe that either!). We were in the Burrito Gallery parking lot, set up next to another Jacksonville based mobile boutique, La Fashion Coach. We had a great time and can't wait for next week's downtown market, Jaxson's Night Market. Be there or be square. 

Our new goal is to open up Shelby, the mobile boutique, three times a week, and sew every other day.  So if you're a North Florida business that wants to have us open up at your location, or if you want to host a stop for you and your friends, email me at We're so excited to be non-stop. Rest? What's that? Idle hands are the devil's playground, they say, right? And tomorrow, it will be our typical Saturday at Riverside Arts Market.
ALSO! Coming tonight: headbands made from the scraps and remnants from the t-shirts used to make our new crop tops! A simple band, about 2-6" wide, tapered on each end, edges served. Only $4 each. We try to reduce the waste when we recycled textiles, and this is a great way to do just that!

The cropped tops and tanks are cut from old t-shirts, and when the shirt is complete, there is still material left over from the sleeves and bottom hem of the shirt. Sewn together and then served around all the edges, they are about 32-36 inches around, enough room to tie up on top of your head, or at the back. Years ago, at my first craft show actually, I bought a similar headband from Conscious Clothing, and I wore it for years! I wonder if Rose uses her scraps to make her headbands too.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope to see some of you this evening in 5 Points!

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