Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wolfgang Recap

Last Friday, Shelby, our mobile boutique, and I had a date with a local clothing store, Wolfgang Clothing. Friday from 4-9pm, we opened Shelby's doors, and sold to the people of Jacksonville. Pop up stops like this are the absolute best. No rules, no set in stone closing time, no restrictions other than the obvious, a new partnership with a local business, and my favorite: selling my work. Life is good when I can sit outside, spend time with Matt, meet new people, run into friends and sell things I've made with love. Gah, cheesy right? Well, it was a pretty awesome day.
We took up two parking spots. One for Shelby, and one for my glorious astroturf and goods. We debuted a TON of new tank tops that I'm currently, simultaneous to typing, list in my Etsy shop. And of course I had to rep my brand by wearing a crop top that I made from an old t-shirt, with a matching headband.
Local photographer, Dustin Wooten, came by to shoot Wolfgang Clothing, accessorized by Sally Ann handbags and clutches. I couldn't resist a little behind the scenes sneak peek for you guys.The photos are gorgeous! It helps having two beautiful models. 
Then they headed inside the camper to shoot some more. I can't wait to have some photos from inside Shelby. Can you believe it was her first photoshoot ever with models inside? It's alway been so hard to get a good shot inside the camper because of the confined space. To fill the frame with a model is difficult, you almost have to become the opposite wall. Dustin nailed it though, and from the previews I've seen of his shots, they're perfect. 
Models: Kelsey Ragsdale and Anastassia Melnikov
Behind me, pointed out by my finger, is Matt and our friend, Jeff. Doing what they do best. Relaxing after a long day with a beer at Birdie's, while I sat at Shelby, working. He was a huge help, this photo  still makes me giggle though. I took it, and then posted it to Instagram with an "I spy" caption. Social media is so funny. Within 5 seconds Matt had the post up on his phone, Jeff and Matt giggling in the distance. I'd be lying if I didn't disclose that I also enjoyed a cold beverage while sitting outside. I mean, it was Friday. 

Special thanks to Erin and Curtis of Wolfgang for having me. It was a blast. Next time, we're upgrading the set up with special lighting, and Shelby should be all polished up. I hope to get her looking like a mirror! More photos from the shoot coming soon. Check out Wolfgang on Facebook, and our new tanks in the shop, here.

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