Monday, June 23, 2014

Jaxson's Night Market

Last Thursday, we were a vendor in one of our favorite night market's in Jacksonville, Jaxson's Night Market. All things local. Local food trucks, fashion trucks, artists, wellness companies, and more set up at the corner of Laura and Adams from 5:30-9:30. 

Some other local vendors we have to mention and point you towards: 
  • Byrd's Nest Soap, I highly recommend their Lemon Grass
  • Liberty Bakery, our favorite new vegan friendly bakery in Jacksonville
  • Rethreaded, a local company that employs and empowers women that were victims of sex trafficking. They learn how to sew and build a new life. 
  • Fresh Jax, our favorite food and wellness company in Jacksonville, I recommend the Ghost Pepper Salt and Coconut Bacon
  • Black Hog Farm, a local farm to door service
  • Vegan Sun, a new vegan cheese company that is currently taking over my fridge, my personal favorite is the Aged Rosemary Cashew Cheese.
  • Fellow Jacksonville fashion trucks: La Fashion Coach and Belle of the Blvd
It was such a great night, with my our new head wraps selling like crazy, I know what I'll be making the most of this week, prepping for the upcoming market days. Also, we've been polishing up Shelby, and getting her in mint condition for her upcoming birthday party, and were able to try out our new night setup, with new lights and displays.
Left to right, friends Heather, Natalie, and myself. We're getting to that point in Jacksonville, where Matt and I run into people we know, almost every time we go out around town. It helps that people see the giant silver camper, and come and see me, but still. Even when it's not a market day, we almost always see these ladies and other friends around town. Now if only we had time to spend more time hanging out with friends… Gotta work on that.. 

And back to my morning sewing and check lists. Happy Monday, friends!

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