Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shelby's First Birthday

Last weekend, on Saturday, we celebrated Shelby's 1st birthday at our weekly market, Riverside Arts Market. So I'd gotten the question the last few days… "Well, you've had Shelby longer than a year, how is it her birthday?" And I'll tell you. We celebrated the year we've been operating as a mobile boutique, not including all that time we spent getting her ready. She'd be approaching two if that were the case. But she wasn't truly "Sally Ann's Shelby" until she was finished, and that's what we're counting.

And how was the party you ask? It was amazing! We had a blast, and the day just flew right by us. Enjoy some highlights. My best friend, Sarah, was in town from Augusta, Georgia to help me make sure everything went smoothly. While things still were crazy, she was there to help me stay sane while her husband and Matt were off wandering around the market. Good times, for sure!

We shared a cake with our customers and supporters in the shape of the camper from Liberty Bakery,  the camper was a vanilla pound cake, and the bottom heart a super yummy carrot cake. We also raffled off three sewing machines, jewelry from Cribbledy Goodness, wallets from Curiously Clever, a handbag from our Cut Here Collection, and more of our own work. It was grand. Truly. 
Our favorite 8-year-old, Ella, and her first real sewing machine that she won in the raffle. She was so happy and I'm so excited to hear what she makes out of it. One of the best things about the day was being able to give back to those that support me locally. Even though sewing machines have almost nothing to do directly with the things I make, other than I use them, I want to be a catalyst for inspiring other to have their hand at sewing. Inspire sewing. Inspire recycling, creativity, and so much more. The smile on Ella's face and talking to her about sewing makes all the handwork worth it!
Thank you to everyone that came out and had some delicious cake (surprise, it was vegan!) and purchased some handmade goods. Even the new faces we met that entered the raffle, it was so very refreshing that almost all the winners were names I didn't recognize. New customers and people learning about our little business just makes me so happy. We're currently editing the video to share with you all, and fingers crossed, I'm doing my best to get it up by the end of the week.

After that, and when things get back to normal, new things coming. Big shop update. I'm super pumped to also share with you a new collection of handbags made from two things: a vintage SAKS Fifth Avenue Blazer and a vintage carry on faux leather bag. It's going to be perfection!

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