Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vacation in Navarre, Florida

Three full days on the water. Swimming, boating, volleyball, exploring, and fun with friends. Oh wow. It was phenomenal. I'm still tired and recovering from one of the best vacations this year. 

Matt and I drove over to Navarre, Florida, Thursday morning. It's located between Pensacola and Destin, and we stayed at a condo on the inter-coastal waterway. The gulf of Florida in this area is on a small island across from us. We were on the land right on the other side of that island. Being on this inter-coastal waterway is a tad safer than the oceanfront properties that aren't insurable to the property owners, because of the dangers the oceans pose. It's crazy to imagine the island being potentially leveled every hurricane season. 

With his best friends from high school joining us, we had so much fun. I can't believe it took being together for almost four years to meet Matt's best friends! It was great to put voices to faces I'd seen and heard all kinds of crazy stories about. Some were local, and others driving five hours from Alabama. Meeting in the middle, so to speak, it was the perfect distance away from Jacksonville to feel like a vacation, yet still in sunny Florida.

On our first day, just three of us there in the afternoon, we launched the boat and went down to Pensacola Beach, stopping to eat at a seafood restaurant. A quick ride back 'home' and I freshened up to prepare for my first podcast, Montreal Sauce, where I was the featured guest. As the podcast was being recorded, me in front of a laptop in the dining room, two more guests arrived. There was just enough time after that to stay up late chatting and enjoying ourselves. 

On day two, we woke early to get out on the boat, and ride down to a little private beach on the island of Pensacola Beach, searching for stingrays, fish, and other wildlife. GoPro video coming soon! We went swimming and fooled around some more. Lunch was delicious food at Pensacola beach, again, at a place with the most marvelous view, perched up on top of the hill overlooking the bay. Gotta love a restaurant where it's okay to just wear a bathing suit top. Late night grilling and card games capped off our Friday. 

The next day, Saturday, little toddlers joined us for a trip to Destin, where we took over our own little private island in the middle of the waterway. Swimming and a super bumpy storm filled ride home got me scared for the first time in a very long time, but we made it home safely, and with just enough time to swim in the pool, and explore an abandoned boat off our dock. Dinner and cards again, then bedtime. Three days just flew by!

The disconnect from technology is a must for a vacation like this. The days just blurred together with good conversation, fun, swimming, more swimming, and beautiful views that I hope will be burnt in my memory. It was a relief to just shut off my brain and enjoy the scenery.

Now back to reality and work. Hope you are all enjoying your week! New listings in the shop coming today and tomorrow.

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