Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Tie A Head Wrap

It's pretty simple. And they're so convenient for all hair types! I love to wear mine on crazy hair days when I just can't handle my thick curly hair. 1] Start by placing the head band at the back of your head. 2] Pull it up on top of your head, slightly covering your ears. 3] Tie a knot, left side under first. 4] Tie a second knot, right side under. 5] Tuck in ends of the wrap on the back side of your head. 6] Tuck your hair in as you please.
Our head wraps are now available in our Etsy shop in packs of 5 and in baby sizes. As always, they're also available at our Market days, this weekend at Riverside Arts Market and a few more. Check the side bar of our site for stops and details.

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