Monday, August 11, 2014

Skirt Making Sunday

Sunday was my day off. A much needed break from work and a good excuse to head to the beach with Matt. Since our washer and dryer are broken, and time to fix them is hard to find, my favorite skirt was still in the hamper from our Pensacola trip. Well, what am I to do? I have nothing to wear! Why not make a skirt. I pull out scraps from a jersey bed sheet, and a few yards of sheer tissue cotton, and also grab my trusty go-to beach skirt.

Matt was ready to go and walk out the door. I yelled back at him, "Give me 20 minutes!"

It's super easy to make clothing using your favorite pieces as a pattern. Simply lay them on top of your fabric, with respect to the pieces of the garment, and cut out a piece in the same shape. Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the stretch, and leave room for a seam allowance. My skirt had four panels because of the pattern on the fabric, so I simplified it a little with just a front and back.
And it was perfect. Quick and easy, and bam, I have a new breezy beach skirt. The fabric is a little sheer, allowing for wind to pass through it, and it's much lighter to wear than my other skirt. If you read the tag of many "cotton maxis", they are actually 100% polyester. Where is the breezy cotton feeling there? While I love my aztec print maxi I modeled this skirt after, it's HOT. Not breathable at all. Another bonus to making your own clothes, you know what you're making!

While the weather wasn't perfect, it was a perfect day. Any day Matt and I get to spend together, without an agenda, and just do as we please, I'm happy. As soon as we got to the beach, we knew rain was imminent. Two choices: beach or Lemon Bar, a bar and restaurant on the water. We chose lemon bar, left our beach gear in the Jeep and walked over. Not even five minutes later, the storm hit. We had to spend about a half an hour hiding from a monsoon under the awning of Lemon Bar. We made a few friends, saw some people we knew, and watched Nascar while the sideways rain hit us just enough to keep it a cool day. When the rain subsided, we sat out on the patio, did some people watching, and then went down to the beach, it was the perfect quick beach trip. 

 Now another Monday, and back to the grind. It's going to be a busy week! Hope you will enjoy yours! And please! Try your hand at some home sewing! 

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