Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Void Live: Featured Local

So exciting! We are Void Live's Featured Local. Head on over to their website for the write up or read the exempt below:
Michigan Native, Sally Keiser, has always dared to be different. At the tender age of 8, Sally learned how to use a sewing machine. Who knew that this simple act could lead to a life of booming business? Well, she did! 
Sally’s business ideas rooted at Michigan State University where she snuck flyers under doors advertising “Alterations by Sally.” Her company, “Sally Ann,” began shortly after college where she created and sold her tote bags on Myspace. Eager to flourish, she moved to Georgia and switched to Lingerie. That change didn’t quite catch due to a relocation that landed her in right here in Jacksonville, Florida. However, Sally soon came full circle focusing on handbags once more. With this alteration, her business was about to shine.  
Hungry and prepared for that fresh beginning, Sally arrived to Jax in June 2013. After hearing about the Riverside Arts Market from a friend, Sally knew Jacksonville would be the ideal place to debut her mobile boutique. “ I was so excited for a start with a city that was so supportive of small locally owned businesses,” Sally said. For awhile, she was working as a seamstress and a bartender to help grow her company. But, due to local support and Saturday markets, her company has truly taken off. Sally competed at One Spark this past April, coming in 39th place . She is proud to say she can now completely devote herself to her line of work. Sally has officially operated her own company for 6 years.  
Sally has high hopes of opening a small sewing shop in Jax in the future. Until then, her company acts as a “middle man” giving sewing machines to those in need of one. Have an extra machine? Bring it to Sally and she will provide it to someone with desires to learn at no cost to them. With sewing tutorials on her blog, paired with in home one-on-one lessons, she victoriously spreads her love and knowledge of sewing. “I love to create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story while being 100 percent sustainable. Young or old, man or woman, sewing is relevant to all of us, and knowing how to mend or make something changes the sustainability of a household in so many ways!” Sally exclaimed.  
Sally Keiser is the type of woman who looks challenge straight in the eye and gives it a wink. She’s motivated, innovative, creative, and unafraid of any trial that comes her way. She sees life as a series of beautiful possibilities, and with that simple, pure attitude, she is “altering” Jacksonville by giving it a brand new definition of individuality. 
-Article by Jessica Cooper of Void Magazine 

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  1. Congratulations on the feature Sally! You're doing great things!