Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Start of Football Season

It's that time again: football season. Whoopity do! Since Matt is insane about football, so by default, after our four years together, it's rubber off a little. Honestly, I enjoy it a bit. It helps that my alma mater, Michigan State, is projected to be one of the best teams this year, making it to the top 4 teams (knock on wood). And Matt attended Auburn University, one of the best SEC teams. 

This past Saturday, after I finished up at the market, Matt and I feasted on football friendly food and enjoyed a few football games. Michigan State played Oregon, one of the best teams, and ranked third last week. It was great. 

Sunday comes along, and it's time to get ready for a friend's birthday party. Sunday means time for professional football, and I'm unable to find any of my Jaguars shirts. Matt digs into his dresser and hands me his Detriot Lions tee from a few years ago that he's only worn once. He says, like the most supportive boyfriend ever, "Why don't you make something out of this one?" 

Any fellow t-shirt butchers out there? You're probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking. The screen print is too high. What to do? What to do? Grab that box of scrap fabric and find some coordinating fabric.

Heading to my cutting mat, using the rotary cutter, I cut the tank straight across the front and back, below the screenprint design. Taking four rectangles, I sewed them to the tops of the front and back with a serger, where the straps would be. Then I cut out the tank top using my standard pattern and then sewed the top of the striped rectangles. The arm holes and neckline were then serged with a rolled hem. Voila. New tank. Just in time to wear to Sunday birthday party with football on the tv. But silly me, the Lions played on Monday night.

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