Saturday, December 6, 2014

First Coast News Feature

How it happened, I don't know, but we've been featured twice in one week on First Coast News, and this time, it was just about Sally Ann and the philanthropic little tasks we perform in our area. Check out this awesome video below:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The moment Sally Keiser learned to sew it became stitched in her memory.
"My mother taught me how to sew. She sat me down and showed me how her machine worked and that was about it, I think I just went on from there," tells Sally.
From that moment, her talent has grown and she has become a local designer and creator of Sally Anne Handmade Fashion here in Jacksonville. Now she is sharing not only her talent with the next generation, but also the tools!
"That thrill of helping a young person is just so awesome," says Sally.
She refurbishes sewing machines and gives them to young girls that have an interest in sewing and design.
"They come up and say 'you made this?" and I say 'yes, you can too it is not that hard' and I ask if they have a machine and they say 'no', so I tell them to shoot me an email and I can probably get one for them," explains Sally.
It is that love of sewing that is the thread that connects Sally to 9-year-old Ella Jenkins.
"Well I think I was five when I started hand sewing," says Ella.
Ella was very impressed by Sally's designs when their paths crossed at the Jaxon's Night Market in downtown and Sally was thrilled to see someone as young as Ella already learning to sew. So Sally got Ella her very own sewing machine!
"It brings me joy and I am really thankful for Sally and for giving me this, I really love it," says Ella with a smile.
With a room filled with her creations and sketches, Ella is a blossoming designer! She is just one of many young girls Sally has helped get a sewing machine.
"I get so excited, I am a very emotional person, so I try and contain myself, but it is so exciting to see a young person feeling inspired to grow and actually make things and touch them and make a difference. You are giving them something they couldn't otherwise have," tells Sally.
After all, kindness and helping each other is the fabric that holds us all together.
If you would like to donate a sewing machine to Sally Keiser that she can refurbish and give to a young girl in need of one, send her an email at
Also, her website is for more on her fashion design.

Thank you so much to my wonderful young friend, Ella, for being a part of the piece. I've received a huge outpour of local support, and GET THIS, we have about 10 'new' to us machines being donated in the next week! It's incredible.

So if you know of anyone in the North Florida area in need of a sewing machine, email us at

See the entire article here.

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