Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Launch of Holdster

I'm sure many of you are wondering, "Sally, where on EARTH did you go?!" I've been MIA in the blogosphere as of late, and with good reason: I've been sewing and working literally non-stop! On top of my normal work load, and the holidays, and being my boyfriend's videographer, and having a life, I was recently hired by a local start-up company called Holdster. It's been super secretive. For one, it was the first products the company was launching, and I signed a non-compete and non-disclosure, so the design and concept was top secret. Then, we were just waiting until launch to show the product. 

Well they hired me to make their concept of a "carry-free" accessory to life. We first met, Laura, Tim, and I, at One Spark. They asked me, "Hey, we are starting a company and were wondering if you could help us develop the product. Can we buy your lunch and tell you about it." I didn't know a thing about the design concept until we sat down at Corner Taco, a swanky street food cafe in Riverside, and had tacos and they showed me a renaissance fair male version, and a riveted leather Holdster. The only thing like this that exists on the market is very functional. And that was my job. Make it wearable, versatile, and fashionable. Clearly, they found the perfect person for the job. It turned out fabulous. I designed a handful of prototypes, and just finished making their first run of products! Holdster launched last Saturday at the Riverside Arts Market, and of course, in the booth right next to mine. 

Anyone that has seen me around Jacksonville the last month or two, has probably seen me wearing my Holdster, and many versions and prototypes. I've disclosed a bit of info, and started a buzz about the top secret project on IG, so much so that people would come find me and say, "what IS IT that you're working on?!" I could divulge a little info, but not too much. To tell you how much I believe in this product, I wear mine all the time! I prefer a black one, with "veg tan" straps. Perfect since 90% of the time I'm wearing black. With a tank top, the veg tan blends in perfectly with my skin, and the black side pockets blend in with what I'm wearing. The side pockets carry your goods effortlessly, and oh so comfortably. Now I just need a second one, all black on black.

Find more about Holdster below:
Website (coming soon!)

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