Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shelby Turns One In July!

Won't you come celebrate Shelby's 1st birthday at Riverside Arts Market. We will be giving away a sewing machine, a purse, clothing, accessories, sewing lessons, and more! Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more information… coming soon. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY Skirt Transformation With Matching Headscarf
A Zero Waste Alteration

Have you ever had a skirt with an old elastic waistband, that was so worn out, it didn't fit anymore? Or even better, a skirt that has an elastic waist band that is 10+ sizes too big? Well, it's your lucky day, because it is a super simple alteration, and I'm here to show you how to 1) make the skirt customized to YOUR SIZE and shorter, and 2) utilize the excess fabric for a matching head scarf. 
This skirt is simple with pleats all around, no zipper, and an invisible hem. The waistband is a separate piece of fabric, with the elastic top stitched with three rows of stitches. 

You will need:
  • skirt
  • elastic
  • scissors
  • chalk hem marker
  • pins
  • sewing machine with an invisible hem stitch or a hand needle
  • hem tape / seam binding
  • rolled hem foot (optional)
  • straight razor blade or seam ripper
  • large safety pin

Start with a razor blade or seam ripper, and remove the old elastic.
Fold down the waistband, and sew all the way around, leaving a 1-2" space to string the new elastic back through.
Wrap elastic around your waist, add one inch, and cut elastic. Or measure you waist with a tape measure and add one inch, cut elastic. If you want the skirt to sit lower on your hips, measure lower and cut to that measurement.
Insert safety pin through end of the elastic.
Feeling the safety pin through the fabric, string it through the waistband. Be careful not to lose the other end of the elastic in the waistband. String all the way through and pin the two ends together.
Stitch vertically, connecting the two ends of the elastic. Tuck in waistband and stitch the small 1-2" opening closed.
Top stitch the waistband, recreating the original stitches.
Not pictured, use a chalk hem marker if you choose to shorten the skirt. Cut 1 1/2" below chalk hem mark. Sew hem tape or seam binding to the raw edge of the skirt. Use an invisible stitch on a sewing machine or sew by hand (See this tutorial for more detailed instructions).
Using your extra fabric, you can make a simple headscarf. A rolled hem foot makes a nice edge on the scarf. And a super fun foot to add to your repertoire. Making this scarf utilizes your scraps and makes a ZERO WASTE alteration. Plus, my personal favorite part about a head scarf, it hides my messy hair that I didn't have time to fix this morning.
Once you get comfortable with this type of alteration, or open yourself up to the idea of changing your clothes, you will find yourself holding onto skirts that are just a bit off, until you can find those few hours a week to get on your machine. If your'e the reader that is just reading this tutorial to see how exactly to do it, TRY IT. You can do it! It's a blast.

Questions? Comments! I'd love to see your projects and versions of this tutorial!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Step Inside Our Mobile Boutique, Shelby

Models outfitted in Wolfgang Clothing and Sally Ann clothing and accessories
Models Kelsey Ragsdale and Anastassia Melnikov

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wolfgang Recap

Last Friday, Shelby, our mobile boutique, and I had a date with a local clothing store, Wolfgang Clothing. Friday from 4-9pm, we opened Shelby's doors, and sold to the people of Jacksonville. Pop up stops like this are the absolute best. No rules, no set in stone closing time, no restrictions other than the obvious, a new partnership with a local business, and my favorite: selling my work. Life is good when I can sit outside, spend time with Matt, meet new people, run into friends and sell things I've made with love. Gah, cheesy right? Well, it was a pretty awesome day.
We took up two parking spots. One for Shelby, and one for my glorious astroturf and goods. We debuted a TON of new tank tops that I'm currently, simultaneous to typing, list in my Etsy shop. And of course I had to rep my brand by wearing a crop top that I made from an old t-shirt, with a matching headband.
Local photographer, Dustin Wooten, came by to shoot Wolfgang Clothing, accessorized by Sally Ann handbags and clutches. I couldn't resist a little behind the scenes sneak peek for you guys.The photos are gorgeous! It helps having two beautiful models. 
Then they headed inside the camper to shoot some more. I can't wait to have some photos from inside Shelby. Can you believe it was her first photoshoot ever with models inside? It's alway been so hard to get a good shot inside the camper because of the confined space. To fill the frame with a model is difficult, you almost have to become the opposite wall. Dustin nailed it though, and from the previews I've seen of his shots, they're perfect. 
Models: Kelsey Ragsdale and Anastassia Melnikov
Behind me, pointed out by my finger, is Matt and our friend, Jeff. Doing what they do best. Relaxing after a long day with a beer at Birdie's, while I sat at Shelby, working. He was a huge help, this photo  still makes me giggle though. I took it, and then posted it to Instagram with an "I spy" caption. Social media is so funny. Within 5 seconds Matt had the post up on his phone, Jeff and Matt giggling in the distance. I'd be lying if I didn't disclose that I also enjoyed a cold beverage while sitting outside. I mean, it was Friday. 

Special thanks to Erin and Curtis of Wolfgang for having me. It was a blast. Next time, we're upgrading the set up with special lighting, and Shelby should be all polished up. I hope to get her looking like a mirror! More photos from the shoot coming soon. Check out Wolfgang on Facebook, and our new tanks in the shop, here.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wolfgang Clothing Pop Up Stop

We're super excited to open our doors tonight at Wolfgang Clothing. We'll have Shelby outside with all the new cropped tops and things we've made this week. About 40 new tops, and some new small accessories. And let's not forget the awesome inventory we already have. Wolfgangs gets their new shipment in tomorrow as well, so there will be a ton of shopping, live DJ spinning some tunes, and more! What a busy busy week it has been, but we like it that way. Every week is compounded and busier than the last. With no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future. 
Wednesday, it was our first Art Walk. I know, it seems like we would've been there already, since we've been in Jacksonville almost a year (can't believe that either!). We were in the Burrito Gallery parking lot, set up next to another Jacksonville based mobile boutique, La Fashion Coach. We had a great time and can't wait for next week's downtown market, Jaxson's Night Market. Be there or be square. 

Our new goal is to open up Shelby, the mobile boutique, three times a week, and sew every other day.  So if you're a North Florida business that wants to have us open up at your location, or if you want to host a stop for you and your friends, email me at We're so excited to be non-stop. Rest? What's that? Idle hands are the devil's playground, they say, right? And tomorrow, it will be our typical Saturday at Riverside Arts Market.
ALSO! Coming tonight: headbands made from the scraps and remnants from the t-shirts used to make our new crop tops! A simple band, about 2-6" wide, tapered on each end, edges served. Only $4 each. We try to reduce the waste when we recycled textiles, and this is a great way to do just that!

The cropped tops and tanks are cut from old t-shirts, and when the shirt is complete, there is still material left over from the sleeves and bottom hem of the shirt. Sewn together and then served around all the edges, they are about 32-36 inches around, enough room to tie up on top of your head, or at the back. Years ago, at my first craft show actually, I bought a similar headband from Conscious Clothing, and I wore it for years! I wonder if Rose uses her scraps to make her headbands too.

Happy Friday, friends! Hope to see some of you this evening in 5 Points!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Organic Blueberries with Fresh Jax

Blueberry season is upon us, and so much earlier than I've ever seen. Guess I'm used to September blueberry picking with my dad up in Michigan. He and I would go and pick buckets and buckets, and then I'd make him pie for days. Obviously it's warmer here in Florida, and my friends Hillary and Jason invited me to join them for a trip Harriet's Bluff, a farm right across the border into south Georgia, for some early morning blueberry picking. And bonus: it was an organic farm!

Jason and Hillary own and operate Fresh Jax, a Jacksonville based wellness company that focuses on healthy living through healthy food and fitness. We met them last year at the Riverside Arts Market, as we're both vendors there, selling our goods to the people of Jacksonville. Their food is so awesome, and we quickly added it to our pantry. My personal favorite, agh if I have to pick just one, is the coconut bacon. I can't wait to see what they do with all their blueberries and the recipes they post to their Facebook page. I think I'm going to make their blueberry salsa to add to my lunch today!
Total blueberries I picked: 12 pounds. Hillary and Jason picked around 20 pounds, and Misty picked about 13 as well. At a crazy low price of only $2.50/pound, I can't wait to go back with Matt for more blueberries. We were stocked up and full of blueberries for our ride back to Florida. I am sharing my haul with my sister and a few friends, and Matt of course. I've been adding blueberries to all my meals, and they are delicious! What is your favorite thing to do with blueberries? 

For more information and directions to the blueberry farm, check out their Facebook page.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Clothes Pin Scarf Holder

As my hair grows out, and I discovered how to tie a head scarf, I can’t get enough of my scarves. But then there’s the dillemna, how to do I store them? Fold them all neatly in a drawer? I can’t keep silk folded nicely. They end up in a jumbled mess. Toss them on a shelf? I don’t want them to get wrinkled. Ironing just a scarf, too much work! Hang them up? I don’t want to hurt the silk and they don't have loops on which to hang. Clothes pins are the answer, and this simple door hanger is perfect to have access to your favorite scarves and such a pretty way to display your collection at the same time.
You will need:
  • A piece of wood, about a 22 inches wide 2x4 will do the trick
  • A handful of clothes pins. I used 12
  • Picture frame wire kit, about 28" piece of wire and two eyelets
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps or a heavy paperweight

Line up your clothes pins, space them out evenly.
Starting at one end, pick up a clothes pin, and apply a little bit of wood glue to the backside. Wait 30 seconds and put in place.
Carefully clamp down clothes pin. Notice my wood isn't flat? Well, I trash picked this wood when a nearby residence was cleaning out a shed, and there were stacks and stacks of this beautiful old wood, used for a railing, hence the beveled edge. I simply washed the wood with soap and water before the project, and I love the rough look of it. Other wood, the clothes pin should sit flush against the wood. If you don't have clamps, simply use something heavy to help the clothes pin stay in place while the glue sets and hardens.
Wood glue sets and hardens fairly fast, and since I'm only hanging silk scarves, I wasn't too worried about waiting a long period of time before unclamping. I waited about 20 minutes with each clothes pin. Finish one, move onto the next. Glue them all down.
Grab two eyelets and hand screw into the side of the 2x4, about 1/4" from the top and center. Using the frame wire, insert 1" into one eyelet, and fold back on itself. Wrap around and use pliers to make sure no small pieces of wire stick out. Those thin wires hurt when they accidentally poke your fingers!
Insert a nail on a wall, or in my case, use a over the door wreath hanger and place on the back of your closet door. Get out all your scarves and clip onto each clothes pin. That part is pretty self explanatory, huh? They are all so bright and pretty, and being able to see them all helps me pick out the perfect scarf to match that day's outfit!
After making this yesterday, my mom's already ordered two for her house, and my sister wants one, too! They're so handy! I hope this tutorial inspires you do get into some tools and make something for your home!

And seriously, how have I just now discovered putting a scarf on my head? I haven't done my hair in at least three days, and it's awesome! Super handy with my crazy schedule, and equally crazy 'no poo' hair.