Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Ulitmate Fashion Truck Challenge - Pilot Shoot

Last Saturday was a huge day for Sally Ann! HUGE! A day that will hopefully propel our company to the nationwide fashion truck playing field. A production company from New York flew down to little old Jacksonville to shoot a pilot for the reality TV show "The Ultimate Fashion Truck Challenge". Think Food Truck wars meets fashion trucks. A pretty badass reality TV show concept if I do say so myself.
Bright and early, Saturday morning, Jenna and I met the crew at Friendship Fountain in San Marco, across from downtown to shoot our intros and background information. There, we were also given our challenge for the pilot, "create a sellable accessory for our fashion truck WITHOUT the use of a sewing machine. A 'no-sew' product!"
Our competition for the day, local fashion truck "Belle of the Boulevard." A local truck that sells boutique clothing, right in the above picture. 
 At Hobby Lobby, we purchased upholstery fabric, Heat'n'Bond, stitch witch, grosgrain ribbon, cotton lining, and magnetic clasps to make a "NO-SEW" envelope clutch. This challenge was a little tricky for me. My brain thinks about garment and accessory construction in terms of a sewing machine, and that's how I envision them being together. With STITCHES. So take that away, and my brain is mush. It throws me off. In place of stitching, we used fusible materials to make a wonderful envelope clutch that was near perfect.
Where can you see this pilot you may ask..? Well we heard this question from people all over our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and the answer is, you won't see it on TV. The production company is editing it down to a 5 minutes episode to use to seek funding for the actual TV show, that will hopefully begin shooting in the spring. How great that we're the awesome example of what the show will entail? We had such a blast, and although we didn't win since the winner was chosen on crowd applause (and we were in Belle of the Blvd territory out at Neptune Beach, that's 20 miles away from our neighborhood of Riverside) we stand by our product, below.
Being that we had a GREAT turnout of friends, we are so thankful and appreciative to everyone that came out. Really melts our hearts to have such local customers and friends, alike. And thanks to everyone that sent me these pictures. Most from this post were sent to me from attendees of the shoot, since we were swamped with ironing, and being awesome for the camera.
In the next few months, we may get our hands on the reel and 5 minute highlight clip to share with you all, in the meantime, we're back at it, working on a new line of handbags and planning our takeover for 2015. Big big things ahead!

Jenna and I have just announced our intention to open a SECOND mobile boutique in 2015. We've started a GoFundMe page that every dollar donated translates to gift cards and store credit when we open. Find out more info by clicking here.

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  1. So basically, I should get your autograph now before you make it to super star status? Congratulations Sally! It seems like just yesterday I came across your blog and you were moving to Jacksonvillw. My how times flies!