Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sewing a Bridesmaid Dress

Sewing with Sally: Revamping A Bridesmaid Dress from Sally Ann on Vimeo.

How may of you out there have a bridesmaids dress just sitting in your closet, collecting dust, because it's too formal to wear again, floor length, and not something that could pass as a casual spring dress? Watch the above video to turn the bridesmaid dress from a formal gown to a fun dress you can wear again.

You will need a chalk hem marker, scissors, a rolled hem foot, matching thread, and about an hour. Maybe two if you've never used a rolled hem foot.

Using a chalk hem marker, mark the desired new hemline all the way around the skirt, on all layer of the dress. The bridesmaid dress may be floor length, or shin length, this alteration applies for any dress you want to shorten.

VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to wear your proper undergarments and shoes when marking the dress. Depending on your body type, a bra will change the fit and fall of the dress, and if you hem it without these on, and then put on heels and a bra, the hem won't be uniform all the way around the skirt.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this video! I have a beautiful long red bridesmaids dress that I've been wanting to revamp for years. My MIL is going to give me a sewing machine soon -- so this will be a fun summer project :)