Monday, July 27, 2015

Shelby's New Skylight

Stepping up Shelby's game. We installed a skylight last month right before her birthday celebration. I purchased it on Ebay for less than $30, and the install was pretty fun. Matt and I backed her into the garage, and used one scaffolding to get up on the roof.

Since we'd already rebuilt the interior and the interior ceiling a few years ago, it was quite simple. We removed the 'skins', the thin wood that lines her interior, and mapped out where we wanted the skylight. We positioned it so we'd only have to cut into one cross beam. Then we built a new roof frame around the skylight. The hardest part was cutting the metal, but I left that to Matt with a pair of sheet metal cutters. Since the skylight sandwiched the aluminum exterior between the skylight and wood frame, the edge didn't have to be super smooth. We used silicone caulk to seal her up.

Once the skylight was in place, Matt built a beautiful frame in the interior, and the skylight looks like it's always been there. We also changed the interior layout. I'll show you that next.

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