Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sewing a Bridesmaid Dress

Sewing with Sally: Revamping A Bridesmaid Dress from Sally Ann on Vimeo.

How may of you out there have a bridesmaids dress just sitting in your closet, collecting dust, because it's too formal to wear again, floor length, and not something that could pass as a casual spring dress? Watch the above video to turn the bridesmaid dress from a formal gown to a fun dress you can wear again.

You will need a chalk hem marker, scissors, a rolled hem foot, matching thread, and about an hour. Maybe two if you've never used a rolled hem foot.

Using a chalk hem marker, mark the desired new hemline all the way around the skirt, on all layer of the dress. The bridesmaid dress may be floor length, or shin length, this alteration applies for any dress you want to shorten.

VERY IMPORTANT: be sure to wear your proper undergarments and shoes when marking the dress. Depending on your body type, a bra will change the fit and fall of the dress, and if you hem it without these on, and then put on heels and a bra, the hem won't be uniform all the way around the skirt.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Spark Recap -- WE PLACED 9th!

One Spark 2015 -- we placed 9th in our category of Art, 55th overall out of about 550 projects. "Sally Ann Vintage Fashion Truck" was our project, and we proposed our expansion into a drivable fashion truck, upgrading from our little pull behind.
The festival took place from April 8th-12th, five long days hanging out in downtown Jacksonville. My business partner, Jenna Richey, and I were seeking $15k for the expansion. We were also "selling" vintage clothing with certain suggested donation values to help our project.
"Pitching" the project idea to about 100 people on Forsyth on day two. Who needs written speeches when I could just wing it! The crowd and thousands of people we were able to speak to over the course of the festival really gave us the motivation and drive to keep on pursuing this project. 
And while placing 9th didn't get us funded, it still got the word out there about our business. A vintage and sustainable fashion truck is something our city needs, and we're going to deliver.
Jacksonville spoke, and we heard you. Thank you so much for everyone for their support and positive encouragement. More news on the expansion coming soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Sally Ann One Spark 2015 from Sally Ann on Vimeo.
Our One Spark is almost here! From April 8th-12th, we'll be pitching our project: Sally Ann Vintage Fashion Truck. We are raising funds to get a larger camper for an exclusive mobile boutique and fashion truck.

Come see us at Hemming Park in downtown Jacksonville, and don't forget to vote for our project #22169!