Shelby: Our Mobile Boutique

Meet Shelby. Our mobile boutique. She is a 1973 Shasta Compact Matt and I restored from a dilapidated camper we saved from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Greenville, South Carolina. Read on, and click the links for the blog posts about Shelby and the entire renovation process. Or click here for all posts Shelby related.

Named after the wonderful woman that sold her to us for next to nothing, Shelby serves as our shop on the road. We blogged about the entire renovation process! You can read about the transformation on this blog, starting with the day we brought her home, her first day of demolition, day two, three.

Little did we know, the rebuild would be the hardest part. A complete learning process for Matt and I. Read about the first day of rebuild, that was a complete nightmare, rebuilding the back wall, and rebuilding the roof.

Then we got to the point where we asked for your help. Kickstarter was a great avenue for funding Shelby's rebuild. Within a day we reached our goal of $500 and by day 30, we doubled our goal and raised $1050! See the Kickstarter page here.

Following our Kickstarter fundraiser, we hit many bumps in the road. Taillights from hell, misguided efforts with solar panels, that at first seemed so easy, that we inevitably returned due to poor engineering on the manufacturer's end. Thankfully, we got our wood and started finishing the interior.

Pretty soon, the end was in sight! Thanks to our friends at Highland Millworks, we finished Shelby's interior with antique hard pine. We started with the floor, then after insulating the ceiling, we started on the side walls. Finishing work was the hardest, as things were more precise, and a complete learning experience. We turned the access panel into a window, finished 90% of the interior, and then came the move to Florida. 

Together in the hot Florida sun, Matt and I finished the wood panels on the interior, polished the exterior, and then we were almost done .....

Come see her every Saturday at Riverside Arts Market, or check out our Facebook page for more shows. Interested in hosting a pop up stop? Email us.

For inquiries on how to get Shelby to come to you, email


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